How hikers can protect themselves from cow attacks

The mountains are a popular place for sightseeing in Munich. Not only the hiking season but also the driving of cattle begins in the spring. Recent recurrence of cow seizures. Why? And how to protect hikers?

2014 In Tyrol, cows crushed a hiker to death. Since then, the local chamber of agriculture has developed a code of conduct to be followed by hikers.

Cows are rarely aggressive. According to the German Alpine Association, people often treat animals that graze on a large scale. Even in the mountains around Munich For this reason, clashes between cows and humans continued to erupt.

Munich: The German Alpine Association warns and informs

The Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture warns that “Alpine pasture is not a zoo”. The German Alps Association also tells hikers what to do best when cows cross your path:

keep your distance

Hikers should not attempt to caress or feed cows. It is best to follow the marked trails and keep a distance from the cows. This also applies if the cows prevent it.

Don’t scare the cows

The strange trend of TikTok over the past year has shown that hikers are running noisily to cows to scare them. This is dangerous, especially when suckler cows are defending their calves.

Pay attention to body language

Your body language is very important, just like cows. You should never look at a cow. It is best to walk through the animals calmly and at the usual pace. A cow that threatens to attack will lower its head, lower its hooves, slash, or roar.

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