How long does a car battery last? How to extend your life

At some point, every battery dies and stops charging properly. The same goes for a car battery. But how long does a car battery last?

Car Battery Life: How Long Does It Last?

you just did finance your used car, the car battery is already dying. Unfortunately, the life of a car battery is limited. After all, a car battery is just a large rechargeable battery, so the number of times it can be charged and discharged is limited. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gel battery or a maintenance-free battery. At some point, the battery will no longer hold a charge and is therefore defective. According to ADAC, a normal car battery will last about four to five years. At the same time she is most causes of failures. Especially during the winter, this ensures that cars are constantly parked and not even started. They run when it’s cold chemical reactions inside the battery namely slower.

Why does a car battery only have a certain number of charge and discharge cycles?

As the battery discharges, lead sulfate forms, which forms crystals if the battery has not been fully charged. These crystals gradually form larger deposits that affect the sensitivity of the electrodes. After about four years, the surface Unsuitable electrodes, to reduce battery performance. When the impact occurs while driving the car, the previously formed crystals fall and accumulate on the ground. There are too many crystals on the ground, they form a thick layer, so there is no longer any contact between the two electrodes. This results in a short circuit, rendering the battery unusable. The battery is no longer rechargeable and must be discarded.

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How to extend the life of the car battery?

If you want to have something from your car battery for a long time, you should not needlessly heat the side mirrors and rear window. accessories with high energy consumption such as music, high beams or heated seats, only switch them on when the engine is running. A full charge also helps, but this rarely happens because the battery is charged while driving. Also, it makes sense clean the car regularly. Otherwise, in winter, the wet mud can cause creeping currents The battery was accidentally discharged.


You have now learned that your car battery has an average lifespan of four to five years. Deposited lead sulfate crystals will eventually cause the car battery electrodes to lose contact and cause a short circuit. Extend the life of your car battery by heating only the things that really matter and only when the engine is running, activating high-powered features such as the radio. also find out how to save money.

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