How long does the perfume last? This affects its longevity

One fragrance is for everyday use, the other for chic occasions, favoring floral scents in the summer and more Christmas scents in the winter. So a person likes to use four or five bottles of perfume. But how long does the perfume actually last? We will answer this in this article.

How long does the perfume last?

Unlike food and many cosmetic products such as makeup, perfumes often do not have a best before date (MHD). If the manufacturer prints MHD, this is often the case 36 Fun. The shelf life of perfumes is relatively long, because even after this period, it does not mean that the product is immediately bad. Due to the many different ingredients, shelf life cannot be generalized. Citrus scents lose their intensity faster, while oriental scents retain their aroma longer. The ingredients affect not only the smell, but also the appearance. Floral scents tend to color more quickly when they are extracted from flowers, but this does not necessarily affect the scent. As you can see, there is many factors, which play an important role here. If you are unsure whether your perfume is still good, it is best to test it on a small area.

What is the best way to store perfume?

In order to preserve the aroma and intensity as best as possible, storage plays a crucial role. External influences such as light or heat can damage perfumes. Therefore, it is advisable to buy bottles in one dark, cool place to stay Instead of the bathroom, where the temperature is often higher, the bedroom is more suitable. Placed here in the cupboard, also protected from light. If they have been stored well, you can still use your perfume after more than three years.

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Perfumes usually do not have an MHD, but if it is printed, it is usually 36 months. However, shelf life depends on many factors such as ingredients and storage. Some fragrances lose their aroma faster than others. To avoid this, store your perfume in a dark, cool place, such as a bedside table or closet. Do you also have questions about the expiration date of hair care products? You will also find out with us How long can shampoos be stored?.

Which perfume classic suits your personality?

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