How long is a marathon? That’s for it

How long a marathon is could be expanded upon by asking why it is as long as it is. All these questions are related to the legend and the cities of Athens and London.

How long is a marathon?

Would you like to join one Marathon you must attend 42,195 km deal with it However, this route length has only been valid since 1908.

  • Running a marathon is about perpetuating a legend. Marathon is a place in Greece. It is located 40 km from Athens. When the Athenians were fighting the Persians about 2,500 years ago, they needed help. They sent a messenger to Athens. He returned alone and without any additional support. Nevertheless, the Athenians managed to win, prompting the messenger to turn around and run from Marathon to Athens again.
  • He covered another 40 km, but when he arrived in Athens he collapsed and died. This marathon laid the foundations for the following competitions and the name for the 40 km long run.
  • first Olympic marathon then happened in 1896 Athletes ran from the marathon to Athens, like a messenger once upon a time. The route was exactly 40 km long.
  • In subsequent games, the route was repeatedly adapted to the current conditions. Sometimes the athletes ran 40.234 km, which is exactly 25 miles, sometimes 40.26 km. A few years later it was 40 km again and not a meter further.
  • Since 1908, the marathon has been run exactly 42.195 km. The running course at that time started on the East Terrace of Windsor Castle and ended directly in front of the Royal Box of the London Olympic Stadium.
  • There were many incidents on the course of this first extended marathon. Therefore, some drives after 1908 were stopped. Nevertheless, the length of the race remained at 42.195 km from this point on. In 1921, the International Athletics Association recorded this in its statutes. Therefore, to this day, the official marathon must be exactly this distance.
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