How many Baden-Badenians are there?

Do more or less than 56,337 people live in the resort town that the city of Baden-Baden refers to as its population on its website? As of Monday, these and other issues are being investigated by 55 survey officials interviewing citizens in 2022. for the census. These in turn must provide information. Overview:

What is a census?

“Many people are more familiar with the census than the population census,” explains Mayor Roland Kaiser. “It takes place every ten years and is required by the EU.” The last calculation was made in 2011. The coronavirus pandemic was originally planned for 2021. the census was postponed for one year.

And what is the purpose?

Many policy decisions are based on population and housing figures, says Eunike Bottesch, head of the local census research agency. “For example, when it comes to building new schools, day centers or apartments. That requires reliable key figures. ”

Is there no registry for that?

In fact, yes, but the numbers are often inconsistent, says Mayor Kaiser. “If someone did not register, register or check out when moving for any reason, there are discrepancies.” Statistics expect more accurate data from the census. The results of this sample are extrapolated to the entire population and extrapolated for the next ten years. “It’s an exciting question: how big are the deviations,” says the mayor. This is important because “a lot of money and funding is distributed on a per capita basis,” he said. we will certainly not know by the end. survey “.

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Who is being interviewed?

“About ten percent of the population,” says Eunike Bottesch. In Baden-Baden, about 5,000 people are randomly selected for the household sample. When choosing by address – ie from one-room to multi-apartment. Bottesch describes the procedure for those who are included in the sample and receive a written notice of the date from the interview officer. Of course, an alternative date can also be agreed.

What’s going on in the interview?

The inspection officer calls, introduces himself and validates the special identity card. This is followed by a short survey. This can be done at the front door: “No one should be allowed into the apartment,” says Mayor Kaiser.

The results will be available only in 2023. at the end

What is the most important question?

Eunike Bottesch responds: “How many people lived in this apartment in 2022. All persons living in the household must be provided with their name, date of birth, sex, nationality, marital status and place of residence. This is used to determine the population. Greta Schäfer, deputy head of the survey agency, says everyone who has been in Germany for more than three months is being interviewed: “Including those who have fled Ukraine.” The translation aids are available in 15 languages.

How long does the survey take?

The interview itself lasts about ten minutes. “The second part of the questions can be answered online,” Bottesch says. Or a paper questionnaire is also available. “The questions here are about education, employment and the profession, but not about income,” Bottesch said.

What if I don’t want to attend?

“Respondents must provide information,” explains Mayor Kaiser. There have already been a lot of calls, some critical, others open, Eunike Bottesch takes note of the last few days. “Our goal is information to persuade citizens to participate,” says the head of the census agency.

What will happen to the data?

They are recorded by the Baden-Baden Research Agency and forwarded to the State Statistical Office. All those involved are committed to statistical confidentiality and data protection, explains Eunike Bottesch. Personal data will be deleted as soon as possible so that no conclusions can be drawn about the person concerned.

When are the results?

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