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Well-being, food and weight are closely related. People with depression often notice changes in weight. You benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet and regular meals.

who in one Depression device, can no longer cope with daily life as before, and eating and drinking often do not work. Appetite changes with the disease of the soul: some sufferers barely like to eat anything and lose weight, while others try to comfort themselves with food, often sweets, which can lead to a spiral of sugar-fueled cravings.

A common feature of almost all depressed people is that they often lack the desire and energy to eat regularly and eat a balanced diet. As a result, the body lacks important nutrients.

Weight change due to antidepressants

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Antidepressants affect weight differently.

In addition, many Antidepressants cause weight changes: Indirectly through depressant effects or directly through drugs that interfere with the regulation of appetite or sugar metabolism. Losing weight can be dangerous, especially for older people underweight to lead Anyone who in turn unwittingly gains weight from medication and is helpless in the face of these side effects is burdened with depression.

Therefore, sick people who start drug treatment should monitor their body weight for the first few weeks and inform their doctor about any unwanted changes. He can then take countermeasures in time – with other drugs if necessary. It should be noted that you should not stop or change antidepressants today. In any case, weight changes should be taken seriously, as this is not only a cosmetic problem, but can be a consequence high blood pressure or a metabolic syndrome cause.

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Nutritional therapy as an adjunct to depression

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An anti-inflammatory diet with spices, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for depression.

Because subconscious inflammation often plays a role in the development and persistence of depression, a anti-inflammatory, low-sugar diet sustaining against suffering. According to recent research, it should be considered an important pillar in the treatment of depression. In particular, scientists suspect the influence of bacteria For gut microbes: Adverse bacterial composition and inflammation in the gut can affect the brain and psyche through the so-called gut-brain axis.

Another important step is to lose any excess weight because it fat belly produces anti-inflammatory hormones. Certain inflammatory neurotransmitters (cytokines) have been shown to increase in people who are severely overweight, especially those who focus on the abdomen, as well as people with depression. The highest concentrations of certain cytokines were observed in depressed patients who, in addition, obese was. to Researchers explain this with the fact that cytokines influence the release of messenger substances in the brain and, among other things, can reduce the production of serotonin, the so-called happy hormone.

In addition to the described low-sugar diet, it helps with weight loss mindfulness training.

Changing to a healthier diet is always an additional trial of treatment. A nutritional therapeutic approach to depression is especially promising when there is increased body weight and an inflammatory process.

Top tips

  • Follow the meal structure: Eat three regular main meals. Don’t skip meals, but don’t snack in between. Weekly plans and shopping lists are good helpers to create more structure. You might want to think about what could help you eat fresh and healthy food on a regular basis.
  • Mindfulness Practice: Eat consciously, with pleasure, without negative feelings. Be good to yourself. Give your body what it needs.
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs: Cut down on “empty” carbohydrates (sweet drinks, light baked goods, foods high in sugar) and choose whole grain foods that are rich in fiber instead. They fill you up and support healthy gut flora. Gradually increase your protein and vegetable intake. Plant proteins from nuts, seeds, legumes and mushrooms are recommended. Vegetables, fruits and herbs provide anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. Especially in fatty sea fish (salmon, herring, mackerel) and linseed oil…
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