How much does Habek want to give us?

Von Oscar Louis Bender

A big energy consultation hour in the Bundestag. Attention: Economy Minister Robert Habeck (53, Greens) is planning a gas tax. The union is calling for the controversial plan to be scrapped.

The reason: the nationalization of the ailing energy company Uniper, which the Union says makes the tax unnecessary.

CDU MP Christoph de Vries (47) is fighting back. He BILD: “The Gas distribution was a mistake from the start and must go. How can the federal government even think of making gas even more expensive for citizens and businesses when energy prices are skyrocketing to bail out state-owned companies? This is the madness of energy policy and the way to do it Robert Habek dealing with it calls into question any economic competence.

Criticism of the Minister of Economy also comes from the traffic lights. Accusation: Habek moves at a snail’s pace when it comes to gas distribution!

︎ FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr (45) said on ZDF on Thursday that Habeck should have made up his mind “now” about the gas tax. “I’m really asking for speed.”

︎ SPD leader Lars Klingbeil (44) even has complete doubts about the gas tax. You belong “now on the test bench”.

Nationalization and special assets

In addition to the gas tax and the nationalization of Uniper, Habeck’s ministry is already considering further nationalization. According to the media, the purchase of Sefe, the former subsidiary of Germany’s Gazprom, has already been decided.

As if the gas levy and nationalization weren’t expensive enough for taxpayers, the economy minister also wants a special energy fund worth billions. Meaning: he wants to get even more debt! Don’t forget the already exploding electricity and energy prices.

The essence of healthy companies must be preserved, Habeck said in Berlin on Thursday.

So how much does Habek want to cover us?

One thing is clear – the Minister of Economy adheres to the expensive gas fee for his consumers, while at the same time he wants to nationalize struggling energy companies with taxpayers’ money and demands a special energy fund worth billions. At least the latter should provide fuel for the traffic light coalition. Because Finance Minister Christian Lindner (43, FDP) does not want to have additional debts.

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