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A number of heating and electricity concessions should help in the fight against the energy crisis. how much money is there What do I have to do about it? The big review.

Cologne – Rising heating and electricity prices in Germany are currently causing quite a bit of concern. Many households will have one now or soon much higher deductibles salary – and a quick improvement does not seem to be in sight. The fear of not being able to pay potentially large bills is high for many. To avoid this, the federal government has gradually introduced various measures to help citizens.

Heating and electricity: what do I have to do?

After the first measures as 9 euro ticketfuel discount or recent reduction in VAT on gas and central heating in 2022 at the end and in 2023 an additional discount will be applied at the beginning. But with so many payments, price controls and subsidies, you can quickly lose your way. 24RHEIN explains future support in a short and understandable way.

Due to rising gas prices, heating and electricity have become more expensive in Germany. (edited by IDZRW) © Jochen Tack/Imago & imagebroker/Imago

Overview: These energy benefits will be available in 2022 and 2023

Energy fixed rate: soon also for pensioners, students and technical students

► Explanation: What is the uniform price of energy? One-time payment due to rising energy prices. All employees in Germany (2022) have already received them.

► Who benefits? pensioners, students and technical students

► How much money is there? Pensioners receive 300 euros (gross). For students and technical students 200 euros (net), independent of BAföG.

Energy advice from the Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Center: fresh air - but how?

► How to get a fixed energy tariff? Pensioners receive a fixed energy rate directly from the pension insurance. Students and technical students will probably have to apply for this through the ‘digital platform’.

► When and how long? Pensioners will receive the same energy tariff in 2022. December. Students and technical students will receive it around “2023”. at the beginning”.

Urgent assistance: one-time payment for gas and district heating consumers in 2022. December

► Explanation: What is emergency care? Due to rising energy prices, the Federal Government will cover the cost of December’s gas and central heating rebate.

► Who benefits? All private households and small and medium-sized businesses (less than 1.5 million kilowatt hours) that use gas or district heating. This also applies to rental apartments or homeowner associations.

► How much money are you saving? Total heating costs (gas or district heating) in 2022 December. The amount is based on the annual consumption forecast for 2022. September.

► How do you get emergency help? Tenants in December will receive emergency assistance through the next utility bill (2023). If you are a gas customer yourself, you simply do not pay the discount.

► When and how long? From 2022 December 1 until December 31 – so the whole month. However, this is a one-time achievement.

Heating subsidy II: Energy allowance for housing benefit and BAföG recipients

► Explanation: What is heating cost subsidy II? Unique, direct energy assistance for people with low incomes.

► Who benefits? All recipients of BAföG and housing benefit.

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► How much money is there? BAföG recipients receive 345 euros, for people receiving housing benefit it is classified according to the size of the household. A one-person household receives 415 euros, a two-person household receives 540 euros. An additional 100 euros for each additional person.

► How to get subsidy for heating II? The money will be transferred to the account of all eligible persons in a one-time payment. There is no need to apply for it and no evidence is required.

► When and how long? Heating subsidy II is planned for “end of 2022”, but may be as early as 2023.

Wohngeld Plus: the reform brings more money to more people

► Explanation: What is Housing Benefit Plus? This is the biggest housing benefit reform ever. Instead of the previous 600,000 people, about two million people are now entitled to social benefits. At the same time, the amount paid out is increased.

► Who benefits? Households with low incomes that are slightly above the basic income threshold. This primarily includes families, single parents and the elderly. Whether you’re eligible, you can with Find out the housing benefit plus calculator.

► How much money is there? An average of 370 euros per month, which is 190 euros more than before. Height…

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