how much water to drink The study explains the recommendation

How much water should you drink? Two liters – eight glasses per day is often recommended. A new study disagrees. It is the most comprehensive material of its kind to date.

People should drink eight glasses of 250 milliliters each, which is 2 liters of water a day. At least that’s common health advice. A new study explains it. “The current recommendation is not scientifically supported”he quotes guardian Yosuke Yamada of the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation in Japan. He is the author of a recently published study Science magazine appeared

How much water do people really need?

According to Yamada, it’s unclear where the tip came from. There is evidence that this is the case The result of successful marketing strategies acts of large producers. This study is the most comprehensive to date to examine water metabolism in the body. According to the report, this proves that people have individual needs for water. So it is necessary most of them 1.5-1.8 liters, according to the results of the study. Yamada’s team investigated 5604 study participants from eight days to 96 years of age – from 23 countries.

One of the problems with the previous recommendation is that water in food ignore But there are also differences: “If you eat only bread, ham and eggs, you hardly drink water,” says Yamada. However, if people eat pasta, vegetables, fruit or fish, they can meet up to 50 percent of their water needs.

Several factors affect water circulation and demand

To to measure water conversion researchers replaced the hydrogen molecules with a stable and harmless isotope of deuterium. The subjects drank water treated with it, which allowed the researchers to measure the rate of water metabolism in the body. It depends on the result Age, biological sex, level of physical activity and environment persons.

How safe is the festival?

A person living, for example, in a country with a hot and humid climate, consumes water much faster – that’s why the need is greater. Breastfeeding women also took it faster. The same goes for people who exercise a lot. According to the results of the study, these people should drink more than others.

Human energy circulation is very important

From Therefore, energy circulation is the most influencing factor for water consumption and corresponding demand. Men aged 20 to 35 consumed about 4.2 liters per day. According to the study, this decreases with age, with 90-year-old men losing 2.5 liters of water per day. According to this, women aged 20-40 spend an average of 3.3 liters of water. According to the study, it is 2.5 liters at the age of 90. Athletes consume an average of one liter more.

John Speakman, a professor at the University of Aberdeen and co-author, explained that there can therefore be no blanket recommendation (“one-size-fits-all policy”). “I think that’s the advice that a lot of people just ignore – they listen to what their body is telling them,” Speakman was quoted as saying by The Guardian. However, according to him, drinking a little more water is not harmful to health.

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