How much wine is healthy?

  • How many glasses of wine is safe?
  • What does wine do to the body?
  • Does wine have health benefits?
  • When does wine become unhealthy?

“It’s not the wine that’s to blame for intoxication, it’s the drinker.” This quote is from Confucius, but how much truth is there? Is the wine real? harmful or even works positive for health go out If you’ve asked yourself these questions before, be sure to read on because we’ll not only provide the answers, but also many other interesting facts about wine.

Enjoy wine, but in moderation

“Life is too short to drink bad wine”once said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. But how much? Wine should be used at all if at the same time your health would you like to receive and maybe even advertise? In principle, the following apply:

Women should not exceed 20 g of alcohol per day consume, men, but not more than 30 g. When turned into wine, it means: what’s on positive effects hope it has at least a small glass of wine (0.15 l – women) or a quarter (0.25 l – men) leave daily. Yes, you read that right – wine can also have a positive effect on the human body!

the wine insists 80-85% water. The rest consists of Alcohol (about 10-14%), Zucker, acids, dyes and tanning agents (polyphenols), protein compounds, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Among the polyphenols are substances that make wine “healthy”, including blue grape pigment anthocyanin or that Resveratrol. Both substances are between the strongest natural antioxidants.

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A manageable amount is consumed, wine can improving blood circulation act and thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, in particular heart attacks. It also has a positive effect on blood lipid composition and maintains it Breakdown of harmful LDL cholesterol. In addition, blood circulation and blood clotting properties are improved. In addition, the risk reduction of thrombosis. The alcohol in wine is primarily responsible for the effects on the heart and circulatory system.

A dose makes a poison

But wine can be the other way around very negative on body effect, precisely when you too much drink from it. Anyone who regularly consumes large amounts of wine should expect their health to be affected. The risk of developing diseases such as: cardiovascular diseases, Inflammation of the pancreas and Leber or even Krebs get sick

You can too Hormonal imbalance, neurological problems or gout to appear Long-term excessive consumption of wine, among other things, can cause a liver cirrhosis of lead, which is not uncommon with a Liver transplantation ends to World Health Organization therefore recommends only wine and other alcoholic beverages in small quantities to consume

According to the researchers a bottle of wine about as bad He smoked ten cigarettes. The popular drink can be found above all Stomach and to colon cause cancer if used frequently and for a long time.

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