How Nadal wants the future of tennis and what is wrong with him now

Rafael Nadal is currently preparing for the 2023 season with Casper Ruud as part of an exhibition tour of South America and is relying on his humility.

Rafael Nadal and Casper Ruud are taking a different approach to their pre-season than most of their competition, choosing South America as their training ground. Instead of getting the finishing touches for next season at exhibition events in the Middle East, such as Dubai, as part of the world’s elite, the duo are touring Argentina and Co for a good trip to Australia. competitive form.

In Argentina, two world-class players are welcomed with open arms. Even if the atmosphere was a little behind, given the sensational defeat of the local football team in the World Cup in Qatar against Saudi Arabia.

But not until Nadal and Ruud stepped onto the court and showed their class. In the end, Nadal was ahead 7-6 (8) and 6-2, just like Nitto in the ATP final.

Words of comfort for football fans

Afterwards, Nadal first tried to calm things down after Argentina’s bitter defeat at the start: “I think the world hasn’t changed compared to ten hours ago, only one match lost, two more to go.” a Spaniard who, by his own admission, is no friend of extremism.

Both in a positive and negative direction. “At least this team deserves respect and trust,” emphasized the Mallorcan.

Nadal shows exceptional humility

Nadal had a penchant for humility from an early age. Asked if he could have envisioned such a career from the start, the 36-year-old made it clear: “If you think you’re going to achieve all this at 18, you’re either very arrogant or a dreamer. I am not one of them. I’m one of those people who lives the sport every day, building my future on hard work, but living the present with the best attitude.

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The end of the career is not yet planned

And for the Spaniard, this presence clearly means an active career in the rut of the ATP circus: “I am a realist, there will come a moment when the time will come. I’m ready for a new life away from tennis, I don’t think it will be a problem for me,” said the 22-time Grand Slam winner.

“There are many important things in my life other than tennis that make me happy. “Tennis has been an important part of my life, but there are others that are just as important,” said Spanier, only to rule out early retirement. “I don’t think my end will come soon. Not at all.”

This is how Nadal wants the future of tennis

Even if the development of tennis in recent years does not exactly correspond to the ideas of Mallorcans: “In my personal opinion, I would like tennis to have more opportunities, more different styles of play. “Today, because of the way the courts and balls are made, most people play a very similar style,” Nadal said.

The high speed makes it increasingly difficult to play really tactically and thoughtfully. “Everything happens too fast to do anything else, to have time to think.” Tennis, according to Nadal, has changed quite a bit from when he started.

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