How new technologies and driving styles save fuel

VModern technology in cars now also opens up new opportunities to save gasoline and diesel. Sometimes a car can save you better now, apart from classic recommendations like a car club ACE come: “In terms of driving style, it is advisable to drive at a steady speed and not go too fast. In general, to maintain speed, it is important to accelerate quickly, but not too quickly. Many cars can now do this better with cruise control, which is often installed but rarely used.

This electronic device maintains a constant preset speed without the driver touching the accelerator pedal. This avoids occasionally pressing the gas pedal to compensate for falling speed. For a long time, cruise control was impractical because it could not always be assumed that the cars in front had set the same desired speed. But so far, this problem has been solved in many cars by using a cruise control system that automatically maintains the desired distance to the vehicle in front, brakes the car when in doubt and can accelerate again automatically.

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