How office dogs in banks improve work atmosphere and work-life balance

Attracting and Retaining Professionals to the Bank: How Much Do Office Dogs Contribute to Better Work-Life Balance and, Hence, Greater Employee Satisfaction? PSD Bank Nürnberg has fully resolved this issue in the course of the “Dogs at Work” pilot project.

Very Collegiate : Maddox, the office dog, meanwhile, has settled in very well. As a furry assistant, he willingly supports his owner in her work at PSD Bank Nuremberg.

For many employees today, an important criterion for job satisfaction is an attractive work-life balance. Research shows how much physical and mental health is promoted when employees find the right balance between their personal and professional activities. In business life, which is becoming more and more demanding in many areas, this topic is becoming more and more important – no less important for the sustainable operation of companies.

sustainability plays an important role at PSD Bank Nuremberg, and no less important for the well-being of its employees. Currently, the bank is undergoing a comprehensive transformation process: the cooperative has taken up the matter of a unique culture of values ​​based on ethical and moral principles. Therefore, all processes, both external and internal, are checked: how, for example, can products and services be greener for the bank’s customers? And how much the opportunity to bring a dog to the office can be a building material a gute Work, life and life balance be?

The initial spark for the Dogs at Work pilot project

This topic came up at PSD Bank Nürnberg as part of one of the many employee engagement workshops that have been held since 2021. middle In it, the participants intensively examined what value orientation and sustainability mean to them personally in their daily work.

Discussion convention: how to make economy and society climate friendly

A number of people quickly became fascinated with the idea of ​​”office dogs”. The reasons for this are obvious: on the one hand, dog owners are greatly relieved if they do not have to worry about their beloved animal being looked after during working hours. On the other hand, it has also been scientifically proven that interacting with dogs has a positive effect on the stress perception of office workers.

Pet-friendly equipment for the office dog

Attention to animal welfare: Maddox the puppy can fit comfortably in his bag at any time, because even an office dog needs a break and a good place to retreat.

But how can office dogs be integrated into the various working environments within the bank, such as individual and open-plan offices, as well as areas where they can interact with customers? And what would be the reactions to quadrupeds? In contrast to popular startups, where office dogs are now a widespread phenomenon, the banking environment is still considered relatively conservative.

In order to answer all these questions, the PSD Bank of Nuremberg started the pilot project “Dogs at Work” after the seminars. Value and Sustainability Management, which conceptualized the project, focused on allowing all employees to express their opinions openly. The entire workforce could join the online discussion on the bank’s internal platform. As a result, many suggestions were made as to how the idea could be implemented concretely.

Positive feedback after the test phase

The comprehensive concept, developed together with the employees, helped to reduce anxiety and laid the foundation for many positive experiences during the trial phase: After its end, it is clear that the majority of survey participants evaluated the presence of dogs in the workplace as positive or even very positive. (27.6 and 69.0 percent, respectively). However, the bank’s value and sustainability management received no complaints.

Responses from those who participated in the survey ranged from “The dog is always smiling” to “Equality is a win-win” to “The dog allows us to approach each other in different ways.” A service dog also encourages building relationships with colleagues from other departments: dog owners have said that they talk to people much more often when their cuddly four-legged friend accompanies them around the house.

The employees often hardly noticed the dogs in the daily life of the office because they were so well trained. On the contrary: on stressful days, the dogs improved the mood tremendously. Quadrupeds also contributed to the physical well-being. Then…

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