How often to pump milk? Easy to explain

You should be aware of how often you express your milk to avoid bloat. Only if you find a certain rhythm during the day will your body be able to recover at night.

How often to express milk

The exact specification is six to eight times in 24 hours. When pumping, it is also important to pump regularly and find the best rhythm for you.

  • So that pumping it works well, there is always milk to feed the baby and you can avoid health complications, you have to be very disciplined.
  • It is best to schedule a fixed time when you pump breast milk. Immediately after childbirth, the intervals should be slightly shorter until to promote milk production. Later, you can schedule the pumping time a little longer.
  • After you start pumping, you should make sure that the breasts are completely emptied. Plan to pump during the day and rest at night. This allows your body to recover well and provide enough milk for the next day.
  • If your breasts get too full at night, you may need to pump a small amount at night. In this case, express only enough milk to relieve pressure in the breasts. As a result, the body will adapt to produce less milk at night in the future.
  • You can use expressed milk Store in the refrigerator. He will stay here for a few days. It lasts even longer if you use Freeze the milk.

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