How painful skin rashes report and who should protect themselves

About 400,000 people gets sick in Germany every year shingles. Only those who have had chickenpox before will get it. Causes infectious disease Herpes zoster virus (Varicella zoster virus, VZV). Pathogens survive in the nerves in the spinal cord.

Prie a weakened immune system they can reproduce again and cause shingles. Prof. Claudia Sommer of the German Society of Neurology in Berlin explains that pain can be burning, drilling, severe and permanent or short-lived. The German press agency (dpa) reported. In addition, people are sometimes particularly sensitive to touch where nerves are damaged. We will inform you about everything important factors associated with the disease. You will also find out which groups of people should be vaccinated.

Shingles: These symptoms are typical

Inside the consortium early phase of the disease still buck no specific symptoms on. Patients report only about general symptoms of the disease:

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  • exhaustion
  • headaches and body aches
  • Mild fever
  • Tingling and discomfort in affected skin areas

After a few days, the victims feel Pain and typical rash. Pain occurs before, during, and often after the rash. Because viruses attack the nerves in the shingles, they are called neuropathic Schmerzen. They experience a burning or stinging sensation, are sometimes dull, and rise suddenly over and over again.

Treat your rash properly: This is how you can take action against herpes zoster

If shingles is started early, there is a good chance that the disease will stop fully recovered can be. But it often happens shingles occurs several times.

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