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The lip of the circle. The term is complicated, but the procedure is simple: after sexualized violence, women and girls can have important traces during the examination at the Lippe-Detmold clinic. This is extremely important for subsequent evidence should it be submitted for appeal and proceedings. However, the “non-reporting and confidential collection of evidence” after sexual assault (SSA), as the procedure is called, does not necessarily include victim reporting.

Guaranteed anonymity is important to many women who find themselves in a unique situation after rape. “After an act of sexualized violence, it is very difficult for women and girls to decide whether to report or not. Individual factors play a large role in decision-making. It often takes time,” explains Nicole Krüger, the district’s equal opportunities officer. Criminals often come from the immediate vicinity.

Traces are stored for five years

However, it should not take much time to capture the traces of an act of violence. For this reason, the Klinikum Lippe Detmold has been offering victims medical assistance for several years and the possibility to covertly protect traces of the crime and store them for five years. In this way, a complaint can be filed retrospectively, even after a year.

The ASS working group, consisting of Lippe Detmold Clinic, Alraune Women’s Counseling Center, AWO Women’s Shelter in Lippe, District Police Prevention Commissariat and specialists of the Lippe District Equal Opportunities Service, meets regularly. Since the introduction of ASS in 2018 in October, 20 women took advantage of the offer and at least two cases were reported, reports Nicole Krüger.

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posters and radio ads

To let even more victims know about the offer, around November 25th. According to Krüger, funding from the Ministry of Children, Youth, Family, Gender Equality, Aviation and Integration of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will allow for an extensive public relations campaign again this year. A bright ASS poster with the inscription “Medical and confidential help after sexualized violence” in ten languages ​​travels on buses in three KVG Lippe route packages. Corresponding posters are also attached to the stops.

Also, for two weeks around 2022 On November 25, the following radio recording will be heard at different times on Radio Lippe: “You decide whether you want to announce it now or later. Therefore, after sexualized violence against women and girls: make sure you have evidence immediately after the crime. In the confidential defense of evidence at the Lippe clinic in Detmold. You can find detailed information about this at

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