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Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are just a few days away: a hot phase is now starting for retailers in Germany. Customer expectations are still high, according to new research from Manhattan Associates. Retailers, on the other hand, need to refocus in order to remain successful – regardless of sales channel.

For retailers in Germany, the hot phase begins with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Manhattan Associates Inc., a provider of supply chain and omnichannel solutions, surveyed buyers and retailers in Germany about digital and brick-and-mortar retail. The main finding of the Retail Trends 2022 study: customer expectations are still high. Regardless of the sales channel, retailers may need to refocus to remain successful. Additionally, 50 percent of customers say they would abandon their digital shopping process because of high shipping costs.

Only one in five retail decision makers say value for money is one of the three most important factors in driving customer loyalty. However, for consumers, it is the most important factor in customer loyalty at 64 percent. On the other hand, looking great on social media is overrated. One in four retailers cited this as an important customer retention tool. Only three percent of customers consider this aspect important. Additionally, 42 percent of customers said they don’t want to interact with their salesperson on social media.

customer expectations
Customer expectations: What consumers want from retailers. (Graphic: Manhattan Associates)

Customer expectations: Good customer service remains a success factor

On the other hand, very good customer service (36%) and first-class products (32%) are very popular when it comes to customer expectations in Germany. 29 percent name helpful vendors. “The results show that the fundamentals of successful retail – offering quality products at reasonable prices and good service – are still important when it comes to building a loyal customer base,” said Markus Lohmann, German Sales Director at Manhattan Associates. The topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important to consumers. A good half (51%) say that environmental and sustainability efforts a…

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