How RT Erdogan’s rival Imamoglu should be removed

DThe verdict came as convicted Istanbul mayor Ekrem Imamoglu called on his supporters to rally outside Istanbul City Hall on Twitter. It is important to “show your will”. A judge on Wednesday afternoon sentenced the popular mayor of the opposition CHP to two years and seven months in prison for allegedly insulting a civil servant, banning him from politics. In order for the sentence to enter into force, it still has to be approved by the court of cassation.

It was already dark when Imamoglu shouted in the evening at the place where he celebrated his victory against the AKP candidate twice in 2019: “This is proof that 2019 Turkey there is no more justice.” Every decision made by judges and prosecutors is in their own favor. He sharply attacked the circle of people surrounding President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He described them as “politicians who say they are the state and they are the nation, they say they own everything.” They influenced the judicial system and would have referred to this verdict.

Then the one who was ready spoke Erdoğan in the presidential election, which must be held at the same time as the general election, no later than six months later. Security in and around the High District Court of Istanbul’s Kartal district was correspondingly high. Over the past few months, there have been changes in the court system. Because the judge who originally presided over Imamoglu’s case said in early summer that what Imamoglu was accused of did not in any way justify a political ban. After that, he was transferred to Samsun as a punitive measure.

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Erdoğan’s opponents believe the sentence is politically motivated

Meral Aksener, the leader of the Iyi Party, the second-largest of the six parties that formed an opposition alliance against Erdoğan, spoke on Imamoglu’s side on Wednesday night. She reminded that in 1998, during a trial that was also politically motivated, Mr. Erdoğan was sentenced to prison and banned from engaging in political activities. At the spot where Imamoglu and Aksener are now standing, he shouted, “The song doesn’t end here.” It didn’t. The political ban on RT Erdoğan was lifted, and in 2002 Erdogan’s inexorable rise continued. Therefore, Aksener predicted: “This song will not end here either.”

HALK TV, a broadcaster close to the CHP, commented that the opposition’s sails had been filled again since Wednesday. Because everyone must now understand that behind the verdict is the “order of the house”, but not the law. It was somewhat tragic for CHP chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu, who is also said to have presidential ambitions, to be in Berlin. He was connected to the rally by video. The verdict shows that the court is “under the influence and conspiracy of the president”, he said.

While RTErdoğan is wooing Aksener, the leader of the Iyi party, to possibly free her from the opposition alliance in time for the elections and thereby protect her from attacks, Kilicdaroglu is on trial for “insulting the president”. The courts were still…

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