How the membership application divides the AfD in NRW

His request to become a member has divided even the AfD. Oberhausen doctor Robert Nagels visited his political homeland AfD in North Rhine-Westphalia. But Nagels’ request is causing turmoil in the controversial party. The uproar became so great that Nagels withdrew his membership application, the news portal reports.t-online“. But Robert Nagels is not just a harmless doctor in Oberhausen.

AfD: Nagel’s membership application causes unrest in the party

Robert Nagel has a sinister past. He is said to have had ties to the right-wing rock scene, was a functionary of the “democratic right-wing” party “Republikonai” and was noticed by the Constitutional Protection Service for his hostility to the constitution. His personality is so controversial that even members of the AfD disagree on whether he would be a suitable candidate for the party. Nagels actually wanted to become part of the AfD to “find other campaigners” who are aware of the “catastrophic situation” Germany is in, Nagels tells t-online.

He therefore applied to the Duisburg District Association. It was then taken over by the AfD’s head of state, Andreas Keith, to check his application in the admissions process. The right-wing extremist views of the candidates should also be checked.

Robert Nagels was originally classified as “yellow”. CEO Keith advocated for Nagels on the board. The rest of the board initially agreed with this assessment.

or in the past? Nagel was monitored by the Constitutional Protection Service

Why Nagel was classified as “yellow” is questionable. Because his political past is much more questionable, as t-online reports, among other things:

  • “Republicans”: Nagels was first a Republican district chairman and then a senior official. A party that calls itself “Democratic Right” and until 2007 was noticed by the Constitutional Protection Service as a suspected right-wing extremist. But Nagels was noticed by the Constitutional Protection Service not only because of his activities in the party.
  • Playboy-interview: In 1993, his statements in a Playboy interview caused a sensation. In it, he says: “The idea of ​​including the entire population in the political system with voting rights will probably not be supported.” And again he was in the files of the Constitutional Protection Service for his doubts about the principles of democracy – he also lost his position as the chief medical officer of the Bundeswehr. Nagels still stands by his statement today, but claims it was taken out of context.
  • The Right Rock Scene: In 2009, the trial also revealed Nagel’s deep ties to the far-right scene. He worked as a financier for several right-wing rock companies whose producers were on trial. This was reported by the initiative “Terminal on the right“. A witness described Nagels as a “phantom,” as a “man in the background.” Confused: Nagels then claimed at trial that he himself had worked for the Constitutional Protection Service, which had surveilled him in the 1990s. However, this has not been confirmed.
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AfD disagrees with Nagels, withdraws membership application

Nails have a number of signs of connections with the right-wing scene. Nevertheless, his application for membership was classified as “yellow” rather than “red”. But it caused unrest within the party: after the AfD board in North Rhine-Westphalia initially backed Nagels, some members of the state association reacted with concern. For some, Nagels is too radical and too biased. Others criticize Nagel’s alleged service to the defense of the constitution.

According to t-online, the doctor with a controversial past has been informed that his appeal to the AfD is causing a lot of debate. So he withdrew his membership application. “I had to withdraw because I didn’t have the opportunity to present my position in person. It should be decided in a cowardly back room,” Nagels fumed.

The AfD does not want to comment on Nagel’s reason. Only NRW state chairman Martin Vincent told the news portal: “But I can say that Robert Nagels is not there and we have not done it.

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