How the Metro boss is reshaping its markets

Metro CEO Steffen Greubel at the company’s headquarters in Neuss
Image: Subway

Pallets instead of cardboard displays: Steffen Greubel, CEO of Metro, knows that his customers are very concerned about the price. He declares war on trifles.

STeffen Greubel crawls through the aisles and is in his element, on his way to the ketchup rack, aisle 11 of the Dusseldorf metro market right next to the wholesaler’s headquarters. “It looks aesthetic and beautiful to me, and I’m happy about that,” Greubel says as he walks past, pointing to a fully packed tray. Next to the aisle is a manufacturer’s display with chocolate bars neatly lined up one by one, much to the delight of the company’s CEO. Metro much less in comparison.

“First of all, we want to get rid of the impression that it’s like a shopping center here,” says G. Greubel. The effort is too high, the manufacturer pays for such promotions, but the workers have to allocate everything individually and restock regularly. Time employees could spend doing something else. “We are also fighting a shortage of workers, so we want to increase productivity,” says G. Greubel.

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