How the program looks so far and what is planned

Magdeburg – Laughing, eating, playing and having fun together – that’s what many have wanted for the past two years. The Neu-Olvenstedt summer festival also suffered from coronavirus restrictions and had to take a forced break.

It is now clear: this will happen again this year. A big summer party is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 10, at Olven 1 Market Square. “The festival is registered and planning is well under way,” explains Matthias Gehrmann. He is a representative of the Community Working Group (GWA) and co-organizes the Olvenstedt Summer Festival. Some points in the program are already clear, but schools, kindergartens or soloists can also take part in the stage program.

Magdeburgers can still take part in the summer festival program

“There will be a flea market, music and a colorful stage program,” says Gehrmann. “In addition, AWO play mobile will be aimed at the youngest visitors. There will also be a mobile bowling alley for adults to enjoy. ”There will be an impressive fire show at the end of the festival. Gehrmann is also looking for sponsors for the summer festival in September.

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