How the rescue service saves itself

Dhe counts out loud the last five times as Abdessamad Hamiani presses the doll’s chest with the heel of his hand. You can hear the effort, it’s round six. After the thirtieth compression, his colleague Gernot Baur puts the ventilator on the plastic patient and Hamiani takes a breather. Hamiani is about to start over again when Baur stops him – the audience has seen enough. Behind the two paramedics and the CPR dummy, which does not revive even with the best CPR, are about 15 onlookers. Open day at the German Language and Education Center Red cross (DRC). Together with his colleague Hamiani, as a former participant, he presents the project “Lebensretterintegrierte”, which supports refugees and people from migration families on the way to the rescue service.

But even though the program is getting a lot of interest that day, it’s not enough to fill the beginner’s course originally scheduled for November. The start of the first module has been postponed again to 2023. February 20 “We are currently re-contacting all refugee accommodation facilities, reproduction offices and networks,” says Kajetan Tadrowski, project leader and DRC head of language and organization. Education center.

The only obstacle: the German language

Because the program is actually designed to make it as easy as possible for anyone interested, regardless of their residential status, to get into the rescue service. In the first module, participants need neither previous medical knowledge nor a school leaving certificate. A B1 language level is sufficient, so that the participants can communicate in German in everyday life. After providing proof of language proficiency, they are trained to become company paramedics for approximately six weeks and are introduced to basic emergency care concepts. “It’s basically an opportunity to see if it’s something for you,” says Baur. After that, the real one closes education to become a paramedic, which is required by law to be fluent in German at B2 level and to have at least a high school graduation certificate.

And how did people sleep before the invention of...

The Lifesavers Integrated project is special – the way to the end. The second module of classical training is…

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