How things will continue with the Günthersburghöfe

The question of opinion. Opinions differ widely as to which areas of the Günthersburghöfe planning area are sealed and may therefore be occupied. However, at the request of the Greens, the gardens would no longer need to be built.
Photo: Wolfgang Eilmes

With the collapse of the Günthersburghöfe at the northern end of Frankfurt, the coalition now wants to decide how to further manage the place. Housing company Instone can basically go empty-handed. But it has important leverage.

WWhen is the surface actually said to be “sealed”? That is Federal Environment Agency defines as follows: “Soil sealing means that the soil is sealed and covered with water, which means that rainwater cannot penetrate or only in difficult conditions.” Part of the soil in settlement areas is sealed by buildings built on it. However, undeveloped areas – such as open spaces, industrial areas, recreation areas and traffic areas – are also sometimes lined with concrete, asphalt, paving stones or water-bound surfaces and thus completely or partially sealed.

Therefore, a complete and partial seal is distinguished. As a result, it is not easy to answer the question of the areas in which the Günthersburghöfe planning area can be built at the northern end. Because that is what the Roman coalition factions are negotiating for now. After the Greens turned over the collapsed residential quarter in the garden, the coalition agreement stipulated that only already sealed areas could be built. Housing potential has shrunk from 1,500 to 350 apartments, according to the city planning office.

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