How Thomas Müller thinks about vegan nutrition

Footballer Thomas Müller explains in an interview why he sometimes prefers vegan meat over animal products – and what he thinks about German food culture.

national team player Thomas Muller In an interview, he discussed the changes in nutrition during his nearly decade and a half career as a professional soccer player. Süddeutsche Zeitung highlighted. “Everything became healthier. There is no more half a kilogram of butter in the sauces, it is less fatty, less sugary. The kitchen has become more suitable for competitive sports because you try to unscrew every screw,” said the 33-year-old.

Thomas Müller on chia seeds and quinoa at Bayern Munich.

Müller, who invested in vegan startup Greenforce, also talked about Bayern’s canteen. “Chicken is always there, potatoes, vegetables, fish are always there too. But now it is too Chia seeds, quinoa, chickpeas, other legumes” he said. “And if there are stuffed peppers, some with regular ground beef and some with vegan ground beef.

Vegan for Müller, doesn’t give up

“A few years ago” he thought more intensely about nutrition. It’s all about awareness. Especially as a competitive athlete, conscious actions can help you achieve better results. Much like endurance running isn’t fun for him, it’s improving his performance, whether it’s nutrition. “We know we’re on the weekly menu eating too much meattherefore, now I can easily include one or another plant-based meat alternative,” says the athlete.

A vegan diet is not a sacrifice for Müller – “quite the contrary”. He has experienced that some people “cover their ears first” when the word vegan is mentioned. It’s not completely plant-based, but it takes the opportunity to make eating even more conscious. It’s about using ingredients that are his make a good body. He also knows that vegan products have an advantage: “In comparison, the production is also for them the environment intestine.”

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Vegan alternatives also for Bavarian relatives

Before, “pretty much nothing but meat,” said the Bavarian. “The body needs it Protein. If they hunted mammoths ten thousand years ago, so did they vegan Ćevapčići If they were lying around ready to be picked, mammoths could still exist today.

die German food culture is “already very fleshy,” explained Müller. Many Bavarian dishes contain meat, for example in the form of sausages. But according to the Bayern player, meat alternatives allow people to make conscious choices about what they eat. He doesn’t like all of the products in the vegan range, “but there are a lot of them – they’re easy to try with food Bavarian clans and they don’t immediately raise their eyebrows.”

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