How to act properly in an emergency

The nationwide alert day is intended only as a rehearsal for testing the alarm systems. However, people should know what to do if there is a real danger. Or do you know what to do when flood warnings or heavy snow warnings threaten? This is explained by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK). usually with each warning also recommendations be pronounced. We explain what to do in case of danger or what you can do to protect yourself.

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Flooding: Prepare properly

According to BBK, this is always important to be updated and follow flood warnings or weather reports – especially if you live in an endangered area. If there is a flood warning that could affect you, you should definitely think about it ahead of time. It is important to find out in advance who is responsible for what (division of roles), where to take the sick, those who need help and also pets, or to talk to the neighbors. These precautions can save you a lot of time in an emergency.

According to the BBK, sandbags and waterproof plywood sheets should be prepared before the flood and arrangements should be made to keep hazardous or toxic materials out of the water. Valuable furniture and equipment had to be moved to the upper rooms, and the fuel tanks were loaded with ballast. In addition, it is always necessary to check that there is enough food and drinking water.

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When a flood is approaching, you should definitely not stay in the basement – according to BBK, it is life-threatening. If possible, you should check your basement backwaters before the flood. You should also seal windows, doors and drains if you can. BBK warns of the risk of electric shock: electrical appliances and heaters must be switched off. If possible, turn off the entire fuse in rooms that may fill up.

Always keep children safe

Anyone in a car should immediately leave garages, parking lots and underground car parks at risk when a flood warning is issued. Flooded roads should be avoided – if the car is in water up to the wheels, the vehicle should be towed, says BBK.

According to BBK, it’s especially important not to put yourself in danger – even if you want to help others. Therefore, children must be taken to a safe place before danger arises. It is also important to always follow the instructions of the emergency services, not to enter barriers and coastal areas and not to “walk” boats unnecessarily in high tides.

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Storm: Best to stay home

Weather warnings can be found at German Weather Service (DWD) website. However, in the case of extreme weather warnings, they are also shown on all other channels. If there is a storm warning, moveables should be stored outside as long as possible. In addition, victims should always make sure they have enough food, a first aid kit and spare flashlight batteries. A battery-powered radio can also help in the event of a power outage. You can also get more information about alerts if, for example, your smartphone’s battery is low. BBK offers this on its website Checklisthelp prepare.

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According to BBK, when there’s a storm here, the most important rule is to always stay home. Windows, shutters or shutters should be closed and unprotected openings should be avoided. In the event of a storm, it is best to go to a room on the first floor, not the basement. Ideally, sensitive devices should be disconnected from the power source.

According to BBK, anyone who has not made it home after a storm warning should definitely avoid unprotected areas where they could be hit by flying objects around them. Although victims should seek shelter in a building, halls with large ceiling gaps should be avoided.

If you cannot find shelter in a building, put your face on the ground and protect your head and neck from hail. In a severe storm, it is best to crouch with your legs together – preferably in a hollow. Anyone who is in a car during a storm is here in their own right…

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