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On the night of his death, in 1922 on November 18, the French writer Marcel Proust was still working on his text. In the series of novels “In Search of Lost Time” Marcel Proust takes us on a trip down memory lane. To read it is to slow down, to look closely, to look at things from different angles. Especially in everyday life full of fast news, Marcel Proust is an excursion into the vast cosmos of time and memory. By Matthias Kussmann (SWR 2022) | Manuscript and more about the broadcast: | If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us: [email protected] | Follow us on Twitter: @swr2wissen | Want to experience the knowledge of SWR2 live? Come to SWR Podcast Festival 2023 January 12-14 in Mannheim. You have until November 23 to win tickets! More information, line-up and tickets can be found here:

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