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When it comes to refugees in the Mediterranean, the EU wants to work more closely with countries of origin, such as Libya. For Amnesty International, this is “even more isolationism”.

250 refugees had to wait in the port of Catania recently on the ships belonging to the German “Humanity 1” and the Norwegian “Geo Barents”. Only days later they allowed it Italian authorities on shore. According to the EU Commission, more than 90,000 people have entered the EU through countries such as Libya and Tunisia since the beginning of the year.

Therefore, on Monday, November 21, the institution presented the “EU Action Plan for the Central Mediterranean Region” on how to solve the problem of “illegal migration” across the Mediterranean in the future. On Friday afternoon, November 25, the plan will be discussed by the interior ministers of the EU states. Franziska Vilmar, asylum law expert at Amnesty International Germany, criticizes the action plan BuzzFeed News DE von IPPEN. Media.

Migrants sit in a rubber boat in the Mediterranean Sea 72 kilometers from Al Khums, Libya. (Archive image) © Olmo Calvo/dpa

The EU’s action plan on refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea aims to prevent “illegal departures”.

“We have to remember that the majority of people arriving today via this central Mediterranean route do not need international protection,” said responsible EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson. German Press Agency (dpa) according to Many people, mainly from Egypt, Tunisia and Bangladesh, want to make money in the EU. there is at all more than 100 million people are on the run worldwide.

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The first point Action Plan therefore, to cooperate more closely with countries of origin and transit. According to the 20-point action plan, in order to prevent “illegal departure”, it is planned to invest at least 580 million. According to the third point of the plan, they want to “strengthen the capabilities of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.” The eleventh point provides for “rapid, targeted repatriation campaigns with the support of Frontex”.

The national activities of the EU states must also be combined into the “Team Europe Initiative” and better coordinated. They also want to make better use of the solidarity mechanism (ie better support countries like Italy with a lot of boat people). Together with the International Maritime Organization, they want to create a special system and guidelines for private rescue at sea. Italy’s interior minister, Matteo Piantedosi, has been vocal about Brussels’ announcement dpa satisfied.


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According to Amnesty, the EU is debating “how to stop people coming to Europe”.

The situation is particularly difficult for her dpathat the new right-wing government in Rome would rather not allow private rescue boats with migrants to enter Italian ports at all. You can see this in the action plan as well, says Franziska Vilmar, asylum law expert at Amnesty International Germany. BuzzFeed News DE.

In principle, Amnesty believes that it is good that Home Ministers are involved in rescue operations in the Mediterranean. A clear commitment from the International Maritime Organization would also make sense. But: “We don’t need the code of conduct we fought against in 2017 because it further hampers the work of rescue ships.

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Vilmar criticizes: “The action plan does not say how the EU can become a safe haven.” Instead, the EU talks about “illegal migration” and “illegal departures”. “She is discussing more or less 20 points to prevent people from coming to Europe.” In particular, she wants to work more closely with the Libyan Coast Guard and other third countries on migration control…

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