How unlucky Lenc wants to escape from the vicious circle

Christopher Lenz is doing everything he can to break out of the vicious circle he’s been in since joining Eintracht a year and a half ago. In order to avoid further injuries, he now even keeps a careful book about his diet and even notes the small biscuit that is usually served with an espresso.

Frankfurt's Christopher Lenz doesn't want to leave anything to chance.

Frankfurt’s Christopher Lenz doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Unfortunately, success and failure in football are not always balanced. otherwise it could Lenz breathe easy. After various muscle injuries in recent years and a broken toe last spring, most recently a hamstring injury he sustained while blocking the ball at home to Marseille, a golden streak should begin. However, Fortūna, the left winger who curses his body more than once, tends not to rely on it.

“Everything is closely monitored by the blood count”

“Now I go to the gym an hour before training, because half an hour is not enough. I also go to the gym for an hour or two after training to relax my muscles with procedures, wellness and yoga. I have already changed my diet three times, everything is closely monitored with blood indicators,” explains the 28-year-old. He doesn’t want to leave anything to chance to knock out the last percentage point that is necessary to “get out of this vortex.” Lenz is confident: “When I’m fit, I’ll stay good. The goal is to break this vicious cycle.” Mentally, all the setbacks took a toll on him.

An example of nutrition shows how much attention he pays to himself and his body in everyday life. “I keep a food diary that the medical department can access so we can track every little thing. Even if it’s a biscuit with an espresso, I write it down. If it’s a biscuit I have to skip, then don’t I stop it,” says the left-footer. “Nevertheless, he will enter the Christmas goose without a guilty conscience. Everything else would rather surprise the medical department,” Lenc notes with a smile.

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Holiday only after the test against Bergamo

Following a recent hamstring injury, he made an uncharacteristically cold start to his marketing tour of Japan, sitting out friendlies against Osaka and Urava. The fact that the team now has another two weeks of training in Frankfurt is good for him. Only after the trial match in Bergamo Atalanta on December 9, coach Oliver Glasner sends the players on vacation.

In the new year, Lenz finally wants to go full offense again and get back Ansgar Knauff as a left winger. “Before the injury, everything was going very well, I was happy about it. I was able to show what I want to show, help the team in attack and defense. If I can build on that, I will be happy,” says Lenz.

Glasner praises Pellegrini

In addition to Knauff, he faces another competitor in Luca Pellegrini. If the left-back’s loan from Turin to Juventus, which has been agreed until the end of the season, is not terminated early, the relevant speculation has recently arisen in Italy. In Japan, the 23-year-old, who has rarely played convincingly, clashed with Glasner. “It often happens that a coach gets louder when he’s not happy with something. That’s not unusual,” Glasner said after practice Monday afternoon. But now Pellegrini is “really good on the gas”. There was more praise the next day when the sometimes over-the-top defender scored a fine goal in training. “As long as someone behaves properly, he will always train with us – and then I plan with the guys,” emphasizes the coach. That said, Glasner can’t and won’t completely rule out personnel changes during the winter break.

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