How Vicky arrived at Walchensee – Dachau

Attention, attention, if you don’t want your cinematic illusions stolen, you should stop reading here. Vicky, the clever son of Halvar from Flake, is actually a child of Lake Walchen. Because Michael Bully Herbig’s two films “Wickie and the strongmen” and “Wickie on a great journey” were filmed not somewhere very far north, but in the very lake of Upper Bavaria, which sometimes makes you think more of the Caribbean than the Scandinavian coast. There’s a good reason Herbig and his crew were stuck in Sachsenbach Bay and set up the wooden house sets there: the crew searched all over Europe for the set. After all, it should look authentic when the movie “Vikings” docks its ship Flake in the fjord. However, the perfect conditions were found only in Walchensee. How practical, because not far from Grunwald was the Bavaria Filmstadt, whose studios were also where quite a few scenes were filmed.

The fact that Lake Walchensee looks even more Scandinavian than Scandinavia itself can be seen where the toll road branches off to Jachenau. “The water glistens turquoise blue, the shores are covered with mixed forest. The slopes of the Herzogstand and Fahrenkopf mountains are reflected in the lake for several kilometers. The red boat caps on the elongated Zvergern peninsula (…) reinforce the Nordic flair.” place, because tourism professionals have long recognized that the Free State has more than just folklore to offer, but great film backdrops that appear in countless TV, film and now streaming service productions.

SZ Series: Off - Filming Locations Around Munich: Tours of the Film Village in Flake Sachsenbach Bay are organized for vacationers.

Guided tours of the Flake Film Village in Sachsenbach Bay are organized for vacationers.

(Photo: private)

It can really attract vacationers, says destination manager Josephine Müsgen, who runs the Bayern Tourismus portal. responsible Seeing where blockbusters or well-known TV series were filmed is a “source of inspiration” for vacationers. That’s why the film village of Flake remains at Lake Walchensee, in Bad Tölz you can follow in the footsteps of Bull von Tölz, and in Wolfratshausen a quiz app takes you through Hubert’s world with and without Staller.

Tourism experts have been working together with the Bavarian Film and Television Foundation (FFF) since 2014 in order to gather information and incorporate it into an attractive program for vacationers and day-trippers. This is also under this roof The movie Commission Bayern, which is the first point of contact for national and international production in the industry. For example, Oliver Stone, in collaboration with the Film Commission, filmed a biography of the whistleblower Edward Snowden. Scenes from it were created in Tutzing, but also in Munich’s Ludwigstrasse.

SZ Series: Off - Filming Locations Around Munich: "Hubert without Staller" ventured around Wolfratshausen.  The city has turned it into a tourist attraction.

Hubert without Staller is set around Wolfratshausen. The city has turned it into a tourist attraction.

(Photo: ARD/TMG/Jenrick Mielke; ARD/oh)

Anyone planning a shoot can consult the Film Commission’s motif database, which is managed by Kathrin Winter. “All of our motivations must be publicly available,” says Winter. In addition to well-known places in Munich, such as Müller’schen Volksbad or the airport, you will also find the Starnberger Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, the Ainhofen outdoor pool near Markt Indersdorf, Flugwerk Feldkirchen, Gut Hartschimmel am Ammersee, the log cabin. Oberpframmern or Fürstenfeld Event Forum. However, anyone looking to block off their home for another crime scene is out of luck being added to the database. “We send private individuals to scout our location,” says Kathrin Winter.

Upper Bavaria with the Munich area is equally suitable for both movies and holidays. Whether it’s Hollywood or Dahoam is Dahoam, scenery can cover a lot, says Anja Metzger, head of the Film Commission. 24 to 30 film productions and 110 to 130 TV formats are created annually. And this trend is thanks to Netflix, Amazon and Apple Plus. Together, the path to the future of digital film was paved. A digital film city is currently being built on a former air base in Penzing, Landsberg an der Lech district. “It will change the world of cinema,” Metzger is convinced.

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