How well do you know GTA?

DMA Design, now Rockstar North, began developing Grand Theft Auto in Scotland in 1995. Originally called Race’n’Chase, the project was supposed to be a pure car racing game. It was clear that there would also be bank robberies, during which you would have to escape from the police. Obviously, the result looked different – maybe because of that The title was almost dropped several times became It’s true that cars are a big part of the GTA series, but so is violence, drugs, and crime in general.

As a player, you could choose from several characters how your main character should look like. Although it did little to change the playable character on screen. GTA has retained its charm over the years, but of course it looks nicer these days. This is mainly due to the platforms being much more powerful these days. GTA 5 was ported several times for more than that, and has seen a total of three console generations since then.

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How well do you know Grand Theft Auto? Find out in the quiz!

It’s been a long time since a brand new part was released. Sometimes because of that GTA: Online success, the multiplayer GTA 5, with which Studio Rockstar had a huge success. Unfortunately, only Rockstar knows exactly when the new installment will be released and how big the leak is Rockstar responded last year and therefore even this The FBI was involved became

Whether you’ve been a fan since the series began or just tuned in over the years, GTA is fascinating and exciting at the same time. We have prepared a quiz for you where you can prove how well you know the crime series and especially the first part.

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