How’s the balance, Teladoc Health?

Teladoc Health (WKN: A14VPK ) recently advanced. However, we have yet to draw an interim conclusion that this growth story has not lived up to expectations. The end of the pandemic was initially a setback.

Also, significantly, Teladoc Health had to write down a lot of value on Livongo Health recently. This is equally unsettling for investors. However, this negative streak was at least temporarily interrupted in the third quarter.

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Let’s take a look at the balance sheet of today’s digital and telemedicine practitioner. Let’s see what we can take away from it.

Teladoc Health: Here’s what the balance sheet tells us

In our time, of course, it is even more important to feel the side of obligations. Companies with a lot of debt and especially having to refinance short-term liabilities at rising interest rates, well, they’re just not that in demand.

Now, if we look at the liability side of Teladoc Health, we see: $411.4 million. USD short-term liabilities and 1.64 billion USD of long-term liabilities. It’s actually quite strongly capitalized. At least not earth-shattering debt. Now the annual turnover clearly exceeds the total debt burden. I see it as quality. Especially since the balance sheet also has $899 million in cash and $201 million in current receivables. This means that more than $1 billion in liquidity should be available to pay down the debt.

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Another important question may be how goodwill is doing. Teladoc Health last had about $17.3 billion on the balance sheet. USD when it acquired Livongo Health.. About 11.2 billion of them have now been written off. US dollars. This means that additional disorders may occur. However, we must also not forget that the acquired company should retain some value.

Interim conclusion…

We see that Teladoc Health may still have risks. However, if so, it is likely due to a bad investment in Livongo Health. Otherwise, the telemedicine specialist’s balance sheet is actually very well structured, with relatively little debt. On the asset side, there is also enough cash to see you through tough times.

The priority now is to get back on the growth path. But that’s another question. But from a purely accounting standpoint, what I find here at the company works for me.

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Vincent owns shares in Teladoc Health. The Motley Fool owns and recommends shares of Teladoc Health.

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