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Fitness app or mole scanner: Daniel Diethei of Altusried is researching apps to combat the shortage of doctors. To do this, people should share their data – do not hesitate.

2022-05-18 | Status: 11:30 a.m.

Strange mole, but a visit to a dermatologist only six months later. Constant headaches, but no expert knows what to do. Many people are already turning to the internet to learn about such problems. Researcher Daniel Diethei argues that what is not always the right solution can, if used correctly, solve health system problems. from Altusried. In his doctoral dissertation, the 30-year-old explored how digital health data can be used wisely.

Reduce long waiting times with a specialist by using apps or online forums

How can data collection improve health care?

Daniel Diethei: On the one hand, people get insights about their health. fitness bracelets For example, show how much a person is moving or whether they have slept enough. In addition, some health issues could be clarified without consulting a doctor, or patients with similar problems could exchange information online. In this way, the long waiting time at specialist doctors is shortened or does not occur at all.

Is it not possible to misuse sensitive data in this way?

Diet: In fact, my research has shown that vendors don’t always note who they use data for. For example, the Corona data donation program was indeed designed to capture fever, and therefore Corona-Hotspots but was then used to study the effects of summer time on human sleep. Providers need to be more responsible here.

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A positive example, despite data concerns: the program scans for moles and thus recognizes signs of skin cancer

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What would such a gadget look like?

Diet: A positive example is the liver spot scan platform. You take a photo, load it into the app, and get an estimate of whether the mole has properties skin cancer having. In this case, you can consult a specialist. The aim of such proposals should be to enable people to share their data securely and easily in order to gain access to digital healthcare and thus avoid barriers in the healthcare system.

Daniel Diethei has presented his doctoral dissertation at the University of Bremen.

Daniel Diethei has presented his doctoral dissertation at the University of Bremen.

Image: Diethei

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