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agree! Offers! discounts! Online retailers are now offering “massive” discounts on Black Friday. But there were dangers lurking on such days.

35 percent off, 55 percent off, 75 percent off! Today, Black Friday, deal buttons shine brighter than any Advent wreath, fairy tale prices deleted make hot deals.

But that’s only half the truth. Because after checking the prices, it turns out that many tempting offers are not just one. In the tech sector, the battle for discounts is rampant.

Technology: TVs and smartphones

Impressive price development at the very beginning. The TV Sony XR-55A80J (55 inches, upper middle class with OLED) can be purchased for 999 euros. A full 44 percent discount is calling Amazon here – it is not clear that 55 inches was already offered for 1066 euros a year ago. Since August of this year, the price has risen steadily until today.

A similar picture applies to smartphones: Saturn is promoting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G with 128 GB of storage for 529 euros for Black Friday. Discount – 47 percent. But the device was already available in September for 545 euros.

Amazon’s brands are particularly interesting in the technology sector. The Echo, Fire TV, and Amazon tablets are often so heavily discounted during sales weeks (Black Friday, Cyber​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Week, that it is rarely worth buying without a deal. Also read: Black Friday deals in Kempten too? “Customers expect it”

Technique: washing machine

Really cheap deal: Saturn offers the Bosch Wau 28 R 02 for €579. A washing machine has never been so cheap. But be careful, there are also shipping costs. And the offer price helped a bit too. The Saturn sets an RRP of €1,169. The Bosch machine was already available for purchase in July for 689.99 euros.

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Clothing: footwear

The right children’s shoes, as most parents know, are quite expensive. Any foot warmer suggestions here? In fact: the Viking rubber boots Indie Alv Thermo can be purchased at Zalando for €24.95 instead of €49.96. You won’t find shoes online for less than 40 euros, even on Black Friday. Calvin Klein Men’s Boxer Shorts 3-pack are also cheaper on Amazon today, but three euros cheaper on competitor DressInn.

Black Friday is the conclusion

Yes, bargain hunters can save on Black Friday. Those who do not commit to a specific product, but only to a product category (such as a washing machine) have a higher chance.

Price curves online are a great help in evaluating a deal – and if you find a deal, don’t buy from the first seller you come across. It is also worth exploring comparison portals here. It also often happens that those who buy counter-cyclically – that is, summer clothes now in winter – save even more.

But there are other dangers when shopping online on sale days: we often end up buying more than we need and even spending money we don’t have. How our subconscious is manipulated on Black Friday described by consumer psychologist Gareth Harvey in 2019l. and The Consumer Advice Center warns that fake shops are not easy to spot, especially when it comes to making a purchase.

Disclaimer: We use three websites and tools to compare prices. These are both sites and idealo.dealso this Keepa Browser Add-on for Amazon.. This is recommended, among others, by the German Society for Consumer Studies. All prices were checked from 9 am to 10:30 am. changes are not ruled out.

Where does Black Friday actually come from?

Like most consumerism, Black Friday came to us from the US. Even in the days of analog shopping, quite a few Americans rushed through the day Thanksgiving Day Electronics stores or shopping centers – looking for the best deals. Sometimes there are even stormy scenes. in 2013 online retailer Amazon launched its first online discount battle in Germany. You can find out where the name Black Friday came from and more here.

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