in 2022 FIFA World Cup: How fair play encourages unsportsmanlike conduct

Status: 2022-01-12 20:48

The fair play rating is for 2022. To determine the number of groups for the World Cup in Qatar, if the two teams are completely equal, but the game between Poland and Argentina showed once again that the fair play ranking encourages unsportsmanlike play.

If several teams in a World Cup group are tied on points, goals and head-to-head comparison, there is a special form of decision: the fair play ranking aims to reward the fairer team and favor the previous level.

However, this rule led to the opposite game between Poland and Argentina: an unsportsmanlike game.

Poland with a lot of balls

With Poland trailing Argentina 2-0 and Mexico leading Saudi Arabia 2-0, Poland tied Mexico for second in their group on points, goals and head-to-head standings. However, Poland were ahead as the team saw two fewer yellow cards during the tournament. The result: Poland only pushed the ball at times and at one point neither a goal nor a yellow card was allowed to be conceded. The coach removed the only player who was warned not to risk a yellow-red card.

Poland was almost punished for passivity with Argentina’s third goal. However, Poland successfully gambled on the fair play rating for a long time, and in the end the goal difference was officially enough thanks to a goal from Saudi Arabia.

2018: Japan also gambled with yellow cards

This is not the first such case. in 2018 In Russia, Japan lost 1-0 to Poland, while Senegal lost 1-0 to Colombia. In the final minutes, Japan also decided on a glaring passive tackle, which led to progress in the number of yellow cards.

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The background of unsportsmanlike play in 2018, as in 2022: the fair play rating.

Just no yellow cards: Japan’s players with Poland’s Robert Lewandowski in 2018 in the world championship

Known opponent balance as a major issue

The main problem is that you know the race record at the start. Poland knew they had a two-point lead in the fair play rankings and were hoping to improve on the number of yellow cards in the final round. Against the essence of the game, you want to score goals.

Knowing other results led to Gijon’s shame in 1982. in the world championship. Germany and Austria knew that a 1-0 win for both of them would be enough for Austria, and that’s exactly what happened. Since then, the final group games were scheduled to start at the same time…

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