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2022 was a stock market year where you could manage your portfolio well or rack up big losses if the pro-cyclicality was too much. An important look at sentiments, stock market sentiment and stock market psychology helped to get a good course. Among the winners were those who secured their portfolios at the right time and, fearing the worst, bet again on rising prices. In the webinar, Stefan Riß from Acatis, Marcus Landau from DZ Bank and Daniel Saurenz from Feingold Stock Exchange and Investor Services explain what tools are needed, why behavioral finance is essential for long-term success in the stock market, and how you can concretely control your portfolio using this method Research. It also shows which specific products in 2022. helped Feingold Research readers get through a tough stock market year without a crash.

Our stock market professionals cover the latest topics from the perspective of volatility, sentiment and seasonality. Markets, interest rates, commodities and individual values ​​are fundamentally and technically put under the microscope. Relevant commercial ideas are derived and specific product ideas are presented.


  • Stefan Risse, capital market expert at ACATIS Investment
  • Marcus Landau, Derivatives Specialist at DZ BANZ
  • Daniel Saurenz, trading professional with more than 20 years of stock market experience, editor of Börse Online and Financial Times Deutschland and operator of the Feingold Research portal

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