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In Black Panther 2, a new antagonist enters the battlefield: Namor the Submarine! And this one is not easy. Director Ryan Coogler even says that the anti-hero can beat the strongest Avenger!

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Black Panther 2” presents the underwater power plant Namor. The anti-hero made his Marvel debut in 1939. and has been a busy colleague ever since, both on the side of justice and as an antagonist, terrorizing entire groups of heroes.

Can Namor beat the Hulk?

But how strong is the ruler of the underwater nation of Talokan? Wakanda Forever director Ryan Coogler certainly has a clear opinion on the matter. In his opinion, with Namor (garden of tenocho) introduced a serious foe to the MCU that could rival the strongest Avengers in terms of strength:

“No one can match him when it comes to his skills. He can also breathe well underwater and at high altitudes, and he can move on land without any problems,” Coogler said in an interview. “He’s incredibly strong, as strong as Thor, and if he’s close enough to water, he can be as strong as the Hulk.”

A bold statement, but is it true? Either way, the fact is that the green giant with the power of gamma rays is generally considered one of Marvel’s strongest heroes. But in the MCU, according to those in charge, that title will likely go to either Wanda Maximoff or Captain Marvel.

In the comics, the swim trunks-wearing anti-hero is often presented as one of the Hulk’s fiercest rivals. In the comics, these two powerhouses have met several times, with Namor winning at least three times.

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The environment is very important!

As Ryan Coogler rightly points out, while Namor may be slightly inferior to the Hulk in terms of strength, he can still be the ultimate fiery superhero if the fight is in the right element.

This happened, for example, in the comic book The Incredible Hulk #118, where Namor collides with the Hulk in an underwater fight so violently that it causes violent earthquakes and tidal waves. However, while Namor is only briefly knocked unconscious, the Hulk reverts back to his human form and leaves the fight as the loser.

So Namor can certainly compete with the strongest Avenger – provided the environmental conditions are right. Whether the two heroes should ever face off head-to-head in the MCU is still unclear.

Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever: Why Won’t Namor of Atlantis Be in the Marvel Movie?

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