Is tuna allowed during pregnancy? how much is good

As mothers-to-be, we need to pay more attention to our diet than usual. Because not everything we used to eat is good for the unborn baby. But fish is healthy, isn’t it? no Canned, on pizza, fried or spread: why tuna is rarely on your plate during pregnancy, how often and how much is good, why it’s worth reheating and why fish can sometimes even be dangerous, we will tell you here.

1. At first glance, the most important things

Nutritionist Lydia Wilkens from essenZ Hamburg checked the content of this article.

  • You can eat tuna from time to time when you are pregnant (and breastfeeding).
  • But: Less is more.
  • But the fish is there rich in nutrientsbut in many cases is also relative high in mercury.
  • It is not healthy for adults. Paying too much can hurt your development babies become dangerous.
  • By the way, the same applies to Canned tuna or Tuna pizza.
  • If you want to eat tuna: heat and cook. It does not destroy mercury, but it does kill bacteriawhich can be harmful.
  • Fortunately, there is great alternatives.

2. Can I eat tuna when pregnant?

no Even if it’s hard: Unfortunately, tuna is one of them species of fishwhich are not optimal for your child’s health. So it’s better to keep the food on your plate as little as possible – and always cook it thoroughly to kill any bacteria!

Because the predatory fish contains many important vitamins and nutrients, but often higher levels of mercurywhich become dangerous to your baby if consumed in excess.

3. Why can tuna be dangerous during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, tuna is often included as well of mercury loaded One reason is that predatory fish are very large and absorb a lot of mercury from their prey fish. The second reason: fish can get very old. That is, as his life progresses, more and more mercury accumulates in his body.

If you eat tuna during pregnancy Mercury passes through the placenta through the so-called blood-brain barrier and directly into your baby’s brain – and this can affect development. This means that if you eat too much tuna while you’re pregnant, the heavy metals it contains can damage your child’s brain or nervous system.

That’s why we recommend it, for example Federal Institute for Risk Assessmentif possible, avoid eating tuna during pregnancy or strictly limit consumption: “Due to the special sensitivity of the growing organism, there is concern that there developmental disorders can work”, says the institute (Those).

Other experts believe that the complete rejection is overkill.

But everyone agrees on one thing: the less the better! Anyone who goes without tuna at all or eats tuna as an exception is definitely doing something good for the development and health of the baby. Then: Unfortunately, mercury can also withstand high temperatures. Therefore, in this case, unfortunately, it does not help if you boil or fry the fish.

Why you should always heat your tuna

Even though cooking does not reduce mercury levels, you should always cook your fish thoroughly, as raw tuna can Listeria and other dangerous bacteria. By the way, this applies to all types of raw fish and meat, therefore Unfortunately, sushi with raw fish is also on the taboo list.

4. How often or how much tuna is allowed to be eaten during pregnancy?

There are no exact guidelines because mercury levels in tuna vary greatly from region to region. experts advise significantly limit consumption. If you eat (well-cooked) fish while pregnant no more than once a month use it, it shouldn’t be a problem!

Even once a week is not necessarily dangerous, we read in our research. Our advice: preferably less.

Do you already know all the foods that are taboo during pregnancy? Our free guide 125 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy enlighten you about it.

Can tuna be canned during pregnancy?

Basically yes, but it also contains mercury. Also, the stuff in many cans contains harmful substances that are not good – especially not for your unborn baby.

Even so, canned tuna is fine in moderation—a quick, easy-to-prepare option for salads, pizza, and more.

How about a tuna pizza?

No matter how hard it is: During pregnancy, pizza with tuna is also better rarely on the table.


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