“It’s amazing how Binotto explains it”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – 2022 In the Formula 1 season, Ferrari dropped points several times. From the perspective of the past MercedesSporting director Norbert Haug particularly highlighted the French Grand Prix in Le Castellet: “Only in every lucky year does the leader take off,” said Haug on AvD Motor & Sport Magazin’s Sport1 show.

Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto at the Formula 1 press conference

Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto at the Formula 1 press conference


That’s why Haug hangs on FerrariDriver Charles Leclerc is also Red Bull’s “best friend” and says: In France, for example, Ferrari should have achieved a double victory “with normal influence”. But with Leclerc retiring in P1 and Carlos Sainz hampered by an engine penalty to finish only fifth, “you’re more than 30 points behind,” Haug said.

Such results are presented in order to Intermediate place in the Formula 1 overall standings “A punch in the gut,” continued the former Mercedes sporting director. It will now be “very difficult” for Ferrari to “beat Verstappen on their own”.

As a result, Haug admires Ferrari team boss Binotto

Therefore, “it’s really fascinating,” says Haug, “how [Ferrari-Teamchef] Mattia Binotto always explains it. He wears a mask most of the time, so his facial features are not visible. But he always does it calmly and calmly, how he describes everything and does not jump out of his skin. That’s really a very positive feature.”

Most recently, Binotto said after the Hungarian Grand Prix that Ferrari saw no need to overhaul its Formula 1 design. Original sound: “We don’t need to change anything.” And again: “If I look at the results of the first half of the season, there is no reason to change anything.”

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80 points: no one has caught up so far!

Ferrari has one of the fastest cars but can’t figure out a strategy. It could have cost Leclerc his last chance at the World Championship. More Formula 1 videos

But the fact is this: due to technical defects and driving errors, Ferrari in 2022. has already lost potential race wins on at least three occasions this season, such as the Spanish Grand Prix and France.

Binotto insists his team “still has a lot of potential”. The boss of the Ferrari team had already declared against Hungary Ferrari can theoretically win all the remaining races this year.

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