“It’s too controversial for me”: how Watzke wants to achieve more harmony between the DFL and the DFB

Hans-Joachim Watzke hopes for better cooperation between the German Football League (DFL) and the German Football Association (DFB). “Last year, you felt the two trains run to each other and the question arose as to which would derail first. But it didn’t work. If they hit each other, they would eventually derail,” the Bundesliga club said. Executive Director Dortmundo Borussia SPOBIS in the podcast “Sports, Business and Players”.


According to his own statements, this broken relationship was the reason he became chairman of DFL’s supervisory board and vice president of DFB from February: “The whole issue between DFL and DFB has been too controversial for me. For the past two years, both sides have made mistakes in what I am trying to do with the new president of the DFB, Bernd Neuendorf to help him on another basis ”.

The 62-year-old was campaigning for greater understanding on both sides: “We only have one football – and we have to share it between the DFL and the DFB. When football shines as a whole, everyone benefits. ”Also Watzke. National team Responsibility: “A good World Cup would help a lot. If the national team had played better in recent years, it wouldn’t have been so great.”

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