Judas looks like BioShock, but that worries me

One of my biggest in 2022 gaming awards highlights it really was Judas by Ghost Story Games. The trailer promises a first-person shooter story in space, and apparently a lot BioShock– Charm. This is evident not only in the look of the game, but also in elemental abilities such as the flames that you can normally shoot from your hand. Behind the back Judas is BioShock creator Kevin Levine and other former Irrational Games developers.

How big BioShockAs a fan, I naturally jumped as soon as I saw the first scenes. But later, the first worries were already on my mind. And it has nothing to do with that Judas or developer, not with games from the recent past, such as a recent release The Callisto Protocol von bright distance.

Unhealthy hype or false promises?

To have something Judas and The Callisto Protocol together? Well, Judas looks like a BioShock in space But that’s not what I mean.

Callisto's protocol is compared to Judas.
Could Judas become Callisto’s next protocol? (Image source: Krafton)

Both games come from people who have made iconic games before. The Callisto Protocol came from the mind of Dead Space creator Glenn Schofield. This The Callisto Protocol themselves in various ways Dead space oriented, so nothing strange and not a secret. Already the first trailer and information left the fans Dead space The same sci-fi horror is expected to return, only in a new guise. And to be honest, I would have liked it too. It’s not like we have too many games like this Dead space.

But while he is The Callisto Protocol there are repeated elements, a new focus has been chosen, especially on the combat system. In short: More bruises than amputations. Unfortunately, the combat lacks the same complexity found in the Dead Space games. And unfortunately, the promised horror does not reach the level of the flagship model. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it even more now Redo to Dead space.

Judas: The big steps need to be filled

The Callisto Protocol is just one example of several. I will get it soon Outer worlds Obsidian Entertainment, which is far from a disappointing game, but according to many fans Fallout: New Vegas can’t hold a candle.

Villingen-Schwenningen: how the shortcomings of this world are concentrated on the access road for firefighters as a magnifying glass

Judas can also be similar. Not only the style and the gameplay emphasize BioShock-Influence, but even the very first words of the trailer “From the maker of BioShock” invite comparison. But what if that’s how the game ends? The hype is already there and players are going to take a close look at it Judas the same as what Judas does differently – and can you do it better.

I would like Judas It actually looks like a standalone game, but it’s not easy. To The Callisto Protocol So I’m going to lower my expectations for this game and wait and see.

What do we know about Judas so far?

According to the official description, you play the eponymous protagonist Judas and must form alliances with your worst enemies or break them after a spaceship crashes.

“Will you work together to fix what you broke or will you let it burn?”

Ghost story games

We will know more only in 2023. BioShock 4 Studio Cloud Chamber is also in development and currently under development.

Judas will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. No release date yet.

Waiting for Judas or still not?

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