Kanis: Dad wants to show his sons how to ride a motorcycle properly

On Sunday afternoon (August 14, 2022), around 1 p.m., a 56-year-old motorcyclist came to the end of a ride on State Road 2790. moths (Bad Kissingen district) in a ditch. A man from a neighboring federal land had previously taken over the car from one of his two sons.

die Bad Kissingen Police Station the suspects in their police report that the father apparently wanted to demonstrate to the two young drivers how an experienced driver could navigate the bends between the pool and Cotten with a smaller car.

County: Dad wants to show his sons how to ride a motorcycle – and ends up in a ditch

However, just before the hairpin bend in section 320 at kilometer 4.1, a braking error resulted in the trip ending in a ditch at the start of the bend. After the emergency medical crew provided first aid, the man was taken to the hospital with a suspected broken collarbone. About 1200 euros of material damage was done to the machine.

Thumbnail: © Gijs Coolen/unsplash.com

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