Latest: Disruptive action at BER – Munich Airport increases patrols

Munich – Porridge on paintings, blocked streets and now the airport in Berlin: On Thursday, the last generation of climate activists entered the airfield and got stuck. The operation of the capital’s airport was disrupted, several planes could neither take off nor land. The obstructed action created chaos and angry reactions.

Could something similar happen in Munich, where the latter has blocked the streets several times in recent weeks and some activists are now in Stadelheim prison as a precaution?

Does Munich feel sufficiently armed against the actions of the last generation?

The CSU/Free Voters group in the Munich City Council now wants to know, and asked Mayor Dieter Reiter on Friday. It contains the following questions:

  • Is there any evidence of last generation or other so-called climate activists attacks at Munich airport?
  • Are security guards, police, etc. security at Munich airport will be strengthened as soon as possible, preferably today?
  • How should the last generation of activists be held accountable for the millions of dollars in damages caused by canceled flights?
  • Does the state capital Munich feel sufficiently armed against last-generation actions and the like?

"The massacre of the innocents in Bethlehem" Peter Paul Rubens: The frame of the painting was damaged during the action of climate activists at the Alte Pinakothek.

‘The Last Generation’: Rubens stuck in Munich – criminal orders against …


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CSU: “Munich airport must be better protected”

Hans Theiss, the deputy chairman of the CSU group, justified this request with a statement: “Attacks against air traffic no longer belong to the category of civil disobedience. These are crimes that must be dealt with by all legal means. Imagine what will happen. if a plane with an almost empty tank was forced to “go around” because it couldn’t land. Munich airport needs to be better protected so that what we say doesn’t happen [am Donnerstag] seen in Berlin”.

So says Munich Airport

And what does Munich Airport say? When asked by AZ, a spokesman said: “There is only a limited way to prevent such a brutal intrusion by crossing the fence.” This means: even at the airport of the Bavarian state capital, a scenario like Thursday’s in Berlin could not be ruled out.

However, everything is being done to prevent a similar incident from happening again in Munich. Federal police and airport security patrol the fence, which is also monitored by cameras. The federal police are also monitoring the area around the airport to see if there is a “suspicious group walking around.”

According to an AZ airport spokesperson, if you notice something out of the ordinary, it’s important to respond quickly. “Then the flights would be stopped immediately to avoid the evils.” Security measures such as fencing have been used for some time to prevent terrorism.

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Munich Airport: Disruptive action in Berlin ‘far too high’

A spokesman for BER magazine says the promotion was “grossly exaggerated”. As a reaction, the patrol in Munich was reinforced with “all available forces”. A spokesman for Munich Airport: “The most important thing is that everyone is very vigilant to prevent something like this from happening in Munich.”