Less Europe, more growth: How the US is facing the skiing crisis

Status: 2022-11-25 15:51

The alpine skiing entourage stops in North America, the friendly country of controversial FIS president Eliasch. The market potential there must finally be tapped.

If you were to ask in Central Europe, you would hardly hear anything positive about Johann Eliasch. The president of the International Skiing and Snowboarding Federation FIS has angered most of the national federations there. He wanted to take ownership of the World Cup away from them, many felt overwhelmed.

The dispute ended with the Central and Northern European Associations Eliasch’s re-election left the hall at the end of May. It was a protest against the yes-only electoral system, and probably also an attempt to prevent Eliash from being re-elected. From international sports court CAS now explains from December 5, whether the elections were legal.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has begun the long-awaited re-election of FIS President Johan Eliasch.

Europe and the rest of the world

The relationship between a large part of skiing Europe and FIS summits is at its lowest point. In other parts of the world, including the US, the mood is very different. The sports program was on Dexter Paine, who represented the Americans on the powerful FIS Council for eight years. He was surprisingly voted down at that convention, obviously for tactical reasons.

So Elijah lost an important ally Council and answered by saying Pain upon immediate recognition as an honorary member Councils appointed It also became Pain According to himself, he was appointed chairman of the Parasport Committee in October and in this position he is allowed to attend the meetings of the FIS Executive Committee.

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Pain and will not allow evil to overtake Elijah again. Big opposition in re-election? “65 percent of the vote is an overwhelming majority.” Extensive criticism of Eliasch’s management style? “In his 18 months at FIS, he has become a much better leader.

“We need to become more global”

According to sports broadcast experts, many in Europe believe that less is more at the World Cup Felix Neureuther BR. “Skiing is at home in the Alps, not in China or Saudi Arabia.” With climate change in mind, he would like fewer races, but better organization.

Eliasch’s plans and so too Pain looks completely different. “We cannot hold races in a very small group of Central European countries if we want to maximize the potential of the sport,” says Paine. “We have to act more globally. A look at FIFA, the IOC and Formula 1: what they are…

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