Like a “pit bull” Esther Sedlaczek became the German winner of the World Cup

The video that finally made Esther Sedlaczek famous lasts six minutes and 46 seconds. Well, for those who regularly watch Sportschau on the first, the tall woman with long dark hair was already known, after all, she has been celebrating since 2021. as successor to Matthias Opdenhövel. ARD– Large sports mass. But the rest of Germany took notice when she heralded the beginning of the end for Oliver Bierhoff with her awkward and relentless questions after the German national team ended.

“Esther Sedlazcek: Pit bull tends to give up”: The Twitter community paid tribute to the 37-year-old sports journalist with this comparison, which at first glance seems unflattering. Because she questioned when Noch-DFB director Bierhoff spoke vaguely about his anger: “What or what are you angry at?” Cross-examination eventually leads to the question of whether there should be a change in Bierhoff’s post as well: “Are you thinking about it?”

First studied fashion journalism, then it’s all green

Unlike her counterpart Laura Wontorra, Esther Sedlaczek was not born with her father’s passion for soccer; Born in East Berlin, she grew up with her mother and met her father, actor Sven Martinek, only at the age of 16. If he’s watching football today, it’s really only because of his daughter. On a spontaneous impulse, Sedlaczek, being a Berlin dog, asked his mother to visit a football stadium, Hertha of course, what else? to love Sedlaczek stayed with the old lady, as did his enthusiasm for what is supposedly the most beautiful thing in the world.

How a photograph revolutionized the image of the earth 50 years ago

Because she didn’t want to leave Berlin, Sedlaczek, blessed with model proportions, initially studied fashion journalism in the capital, but soon realized that grass suited her much better. League 2, Bundesliga, DFB Cup, Europe League and Champions League: Esther Sedlaczek joined Sky as a field reporter in her mid-20s and initially worked for Sky’s Bolz business. After Anne Will, Monica Lierhaus and Jessy Wellmer, she became the fourth woman to moderate Sportschau. Four weeks before the birth of her son at the end of 2021, she found herself in front of the camera. Until now, Sedlazek has consistently kept to himself who is the father of a son and a daughter born in 2019. All that is known is that this is not a football player. But a businessman from Munich.

This woman doesn’t want to please – she wants answers

Since the start of the ARD “Sports Show”, but especially since the start of the World Cup in Qatar not only the media world, but also the public is singing the praises of Eva Sedlaczek: “Finally someone with balls,” said a YouTube commentator. The new pit bull in the ARD stable is not afraid of large animals. But more importantly, Sedlaczek isn’t vying for attention or sympathy. She doesn’t want to please, she wants answers. When the Germans put Oliver Bierhoff in the pliers after the early departure, she, like all of Germany, didn’t want to hear any more blabla, just wanted to know: how could something like this happen again?

That such qualities as clarity, tenacity and unassuming manner of sports journalists should now be clearly praised is no praise for the profession. Interviewing professional footballers, on the other hand, is a discipline in itself. They were generally much less verbally agile than they were on the pitch, trained by public relations professionals to pack a lot of content-related nothing into word clouds. However, the fact that player interviews on live TV tend to remain at the level of easy listening is also up to those who ask. Unfortunately, sports journalists are often fans themselves and have no interest in leaving scratches on the shiny paint of their heroes. In addition, there is concern that sports legends will be reprimanded or abandoned on camera and become the laughing stock of the nation. So cotton questions meet word clouds: no wonder nothing but fluff comes out of it.

Played Showdown on Steam just now

The best thing that could have happened to Schweinsteiger

On the other hand, Esther Sedlazcek, who is 1.83 meters tall, is equally accepted by all interviewers up to the 1.77 meter tall national team coach Hansi Flick – self-confident, objective, sovereign. ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger is clearly comfortable around the journalist: Sedlaczek gives him the right keywords and gently forces him to answer the point,…

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