‘Like dirt’: This is how Adam Levine treated his yoga teacher

Das Drama one Adam Levine (43) continues! Rumors have been circulating for days his possible affairs. Sumner StrohThe 23-year-old model from Texas was the first to publish information about the alleged relationship between the two. Other women in the singer’s life quickly followed and reported his flirtations abroad, including a personal yoga teacher. Alana Zabel (48). Now she has revealed just how bad Adam she had to get treatment!

the sea Daily mail reported now Adams Yoga teacher Alanna to speak. She taught the musician from 2007 to 2010. The “Sugar” singer reportedly wrote to her at the time: “I want to spend the day naked with you.” When her then-boyfriend saw the news about them, he was said to have been frightened and started to abuse her. Alanna then confronted the musician by her partner’s stormy reaction. “Adam knew what I was going through. Instead of answering my messages, he dumped me”reported the yoga teacher.

“It’s not about an affair or a dirty message, it’s about being a decent person. Friends don’t treat each other like dirt, but that’s how he treated me.”, – explained the 48-year-old. “Don’t treat women like they’re interchangeable or like their worth is based solely on their looks,” she said. Maroon 5– Singer.

Alanna Zabel, 2022
Adam Levine, singer
Adam Levine in Atlanta, Georgia

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