Like in the rainforest: Xiaomi presents the new Smartmi humidifier

Xiaomi’s subsidiary Smartmi has launched a new humidifier that can be used in almost everything in the Smart Home ecosystem can be integrated. The ‘Rainforest Humidifier’ simulates the natural process of evaporation and has a transparent shell so that the water droplets can be seen.

Clear design and dew-free hydration

Unlike most traditional machine humidifiers, the Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest features a top-fill design along with an LED dome that displays water level and relative humidity in real time. Beneath it is a transparent bowl that resembles a coffee pot. A washable air filter is also installed on the underside. The capacity of the device is three liters, which is enough for up to 15 hours of continuous air humidification.
Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier Rainforest

Thanks to the special evaporation technology, the Rainforest humidifier works with a smokeless humidification process. Smartmi uses an air ionizer that produces natural anions (negative ions). These types of ions are generally more effective at removing solids. The device also simulates the sound of rain mixed with white noise to improve sleep.

Prices and smart assistant

Like the manufacturer’s P2 wireless smart air purifier, the Rainforest also supports a variety of voice assistants. It is compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazons Alexa. The Smartmi Link app also notifies users when it’s time to clean or refill the water tank. In addition, users can set smart scheduling and timer in the app.

It is not yet clear how much the Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest will cost. One of the cheapest air humidifiers from Xiaomi currently costs around 150 euros. Rainforest should be available soon as the device is already in the market Smartmi websites Listed in the US, Canada and Europe.

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Xiaomi Smart Home Smarthome Air Purifier Smart Home Humidifier Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest

Xiaomi Smart Home Smarthome Air Purifier Smart Home Humidifier Smartmi Humidifier Rainforest

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