Make the sauerkraut as before in a fermentation pot or ferment directly in a glass

There are dishes and side dishes that we immediately associate with childhood, and often with grandma and her unique cuisine. Sauerkraut is definitely one of them. Whether with kaseler, pork chops or plain meatballs, sauerkraut just tastes great. But what you bought is not as good as what you knew? Then we recommend that you simply try the recipe yourself and you can tan the herb both in a tanning pot and in a jar. We explain how you can make both versions of sauerkraut yourself.

Prepare the cabbage properly

Of course, not all of the cabbage is pickled. Instead, remove the outermost leaves (which are dark green) first. Then a quarter of the remaining heads. Now the hard stem can be removed more easily from the middle. It remains to chop the cabbage quarters. There are special cabbage cutters of various sizes for this, but a simple sharp kitchen knife will do just as well. It is important that you cut very thin strips.

message: A regular kitchen slicer that you use to grate other vegetables is also fine, but the task is more tedious with it.

Make your own sauerkraut – how much salt and what other spices do you use?

Prepare sauerkraut in a blender and store in the refrigerator

In addition to cabbage, you also need salt, which promotes the fermentation process and at the same time prevents the white cabbage from spoiling. But some people are not sure about the quantity. How much is fair? In general, 5 to 10 grams of salt per kilogram of cabbage is optimal, but the exact amount is of course a matter of taste.

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In addition, you can improve future sauerkraut by adding more spices. For example, bay leaves, juniper berries and cumin are common, but white wine is also a popular ingredient.

Make your own sauerkraut – how to use a fermentation pot

Fermented grass as an addition to meat and sausages

If you want to make larger quantities of sauerkraut yourself, then a sauerkraut is the best choice. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different sizes (from 3 to 50 liters). A weight stone is also added. We also recommend purchasing a cabbage grater. Then proceed as follows:

Layer and season the cabbage

Make your own sauerkraut and refine it in a fermentation pot

Add a 10-centimeter-thick layer of grated cabbage to a clean pot. Sprinkle with desired amount of salt, followed by any other seasonings as mentioned above. We also highly invite you to enhance the sauerkraut with dry white wine and in this way make your own wine sauerkraut.

Then take the herb grinder and press down the herb. Repeat this over and over until the juice comes out. Then add a new layer of shredded cabbage, salt and mash again. Continue this until you have filled the fermenter about four-fifths full.

Rest period and what follows

Make your own sauerkraut - a two-ingredient recipe with white cabbage and salt

Now give the herb about half an hour to release more liquid. This should end white cabbage completely covered. If it is not, you will need to add more brine. Now cover the contents with a few healthy cabbage leaves and press down a bit with the cabbage masher so that they are also covered with the cabbage juice. Finally, place the weighted stone on top of the grass, fill the brim with water, and put the lid on. The water helps to seal everything tightly to keep germs out.

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Now the fermentation pot should be in a warm place in the room so that the fermentation will start after three or four days. Then place in a cooler place where the herb will ferment completely in four to six weeks. The finished sauerkraut can then be stored in the same pot until ready to use. This means you don’t need to jar it and cook it.

Prepare sauerkraut in a glass

Just make sauerkraut according to grandma's recipe for the winter

You can make your own sauerkraut for less In the glass. The procedure is essentially the same, only to a lesser extent:

  • Chop the cabbage and put it in a bowl.
  • Add 5-10 g of salt to a kilogram of white cabbage.
  • Wash your hands again and mash the cabbage well. This way the salt is distributed more evenly.
  • Give me cabbage along with juice into a large enough jar (or two) and press the herb down so that the liquid covers it.
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