Marcel Brenner asked himself: how about 280 km/h. / Supersport World Championship

Supersport World Championship rider Marcel Brenner of Yamaha Team VFT is relieved his recent arm surgery is not causing any problems after Friday’s training session in Barcelona.

September 13 Marcel Brenner was in Switzerland operated on his left hand, where Dr. Kay Jürgensen’s fourth hand fracture was repaired with a plate and eight screws. On Thursday, the 25-year-old was given the go-ahead by the Montmelo race doctors for his first free practice on Friday morning. After that he had to report again and was then cleared to start the rest of the weekend.

In common FP1 and FP2 timesheets he finished 18th, nearly 2 seconds behind the outstanding Dominique Aegerter (Ten Kate Yamaha), who was already more than a second behind second.

“First of all, the arm hasn’t caused any problems so far,” Brenner said. “However, I went into the first training session with a feeling of trepidation as I rode the scooter to Clinica Mobile in the morning to apply the bandage. Upon arrival I felt a sharp pain when braking. Then I thought to myself, good night, what if I have to brake my race car after a long straight at 280 km/h? However, I was surprised that I was pain-free during both workouts. I think the compression in the glove is so good that I didn’t feel anything. However, there was no trust at first. It took the first session and in the second I was able to fully concentrate on riding again. The hand was completely out of the game.”

Bernietis continued: “I was surprised that we did so well in terms of speed. FP1 was obviously a bit more difficult, but we managed to make good progress in the afternoon. I only finished 18th overall, but the gaps are incredibly small; two tenths of a second faster and I would have been in the top ten on Friday. This class is becoming increasingly competitive. After this good start, I’m already looking forward to Saturday, because it’s supposed to rain. But I’ll take it as it comes. The rain should come into play a bit as the stress isn’t as great in the wet. I haven’t had any problems so far, except that my right arm hurts a little. Since I can’t do as much pressure with my left, my right forearm was stiff after the first workout. But I’m confident I’ll make ends meet by Sunday.”

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World Supersport Result: Barcelona FP2
Pos driver Motorrad time Dist
1. Dominic Aegerter Yamaha 1:44 507 min
2. Nicolo Bulega Ducati 1:45,522 + 1015 sec
3. Niki Tuuli MV Agusta 1:45,664 + 1 157
4. Can Öncü Kawasaki 1:45 669 + 1 162
5. Jules Cluzel Yamaha 1:45,804 + 1,297
6. Stefano Manzi Triumph 1:45 936 + 1,429
7. Lorenzo Baldassarri Yamaha 1:45 969 + 1,462
8. Federico Caricasulo Ducati 1:45 988 + 1 481
9. It’s Montella Kawasaki 1:46,147 + 1,640
10. Bahattin Sofuoglu MV Agusta 1:46 208 + 1,701
11. Raffaele De Rosa Ducati 1:46,212 + 1,705
12. Glenn van Straalen Yamaha 1:46 256 + 1,749
13. Isaac Vinales Ducati 1:46 264 + 1,757
14. Adrian Huerta Kawasaki 1:46 332 + 1,825
15. Oliver Bayliss Ducati 1:46 433 + 1,926
16. Patrick Hobelsberger

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