Mariupol: Video shows Ukrainian troops leaving steel plant – Ukrainian crisis

Russian troops have reportedly evacuated and probably captured 265 Ukrainian fighter jets from Azov’s steel plant in Mariupol since Monday.

Steel plant in Mariupol: Many seriously injured people were evacuated

These photos depict wounded Ukrainians being treated by Russian soldiers. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, at least 53 people have been seriously injured. The soldiers must be taken to a hospital in Novoazovsk, controlled by pro-Russian separatists, near the Russian border. According to Kiev, another 211 soldiers were evacuated through humanitarian corridors to the city of Olenivka.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Hanna Malyar stressed that the wounded will soon be exchanged for Russian prisoners of war. However, the head of the Russian parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, strongly opposed this: Quote “Nazi criminals are not changed. These are war criminals and we must do everything we can to bring them to justice, ”the Duma chief said in a plenary session on Tuesday.

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