Missile strike in Poland: what is known and what will happen next

in the east A missile hit Poland on Tuesday, near the border with Ukraine. Two people died as a result. The heads of governments of NATO and G7 countries received the news about the incident while visiting the G20 summit in Bali. This resulted in several crisis meetings. On Wednesday morning, US President Joe Biden said it was “unlikely” that the missile was launched from Russian soil. So how do you explain a missile strike? And what effect does it have?

What is known so far about the missile strike?

According to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is a Russian-made missile. It happened on Tuesday afternoon at 15:40 in the premises of the farm in Przewodow, in the far east of the country, less than ten kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Two Polish citizens were killed.

Who launched the rocket?

Polish President Andrzej Duda sees no evidence of a deliberate attack on his country. The missile that fell in the east was made in Russia, but there is no evidence that it was launched from there, he told reporters in Warsaw on Wednesday afternoon. It is very likely that the missile was used by the Ukrainian air defense. It was probably an accident.

Duda previously said that it was most likely a Russian-made missile, but the incident is still under investigation. US President Biden said on the sidelines of the G20 summit on Wednesday that the trajectory of the missile made it “unlikely” that it was launched from Russia. According to information from dpa and Reuters, he later announced in one of the closed-door crisis meetings that the projectile was stockpiles of anti-aircraft missiles from Ukraine.

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Ukraine came under heavy fire from Russia throughout Tuesday, with more than 90 rockets and cruise missiles launched by Russia, according to Kiev.

What is known about the rocket?

Photos of the debris from the impact on the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system have been provided to experts. Biden is also said to have talked about such a missile. The S-300 system is of Soviet design and is now an essential part of Ukraine’s air defense against Russian attacks.

How is Poland responding?

Poland, a NATO nation between Germany and Ukraine, has put some of its armed forces on high alert. Warsaw also summoned the Russian ambassador and warned NATO.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday that it may not be necessary to initiate the procedure provided for in Article 4 of the NATO Treaty. However, the possibility is still under consideration. Article 4 provides for closer consultation between the members of the military alliance when the security of any of them is threatened.

In the morning, the permanent representatives of the alliance states in NATO gathered in Brussels for an urgent meeting.

What does Article 4 of the NATO Treaty regulate?

Article 4 provides for consultations between NATO countries if any of them perceives a threat to its territorial integrity, political independence or its security. Specifically, it says: “The parties will consult with each other if, in the opinion of one of them, there is a threat to the integrity of the area, the political independence or the security of one of the parties.” It does not have to cause specific reactions.

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According to NATO, this article has been discussed seven times since the Alliance was founded in 1949 – the last time was on February 24, the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This was requested by Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Why is Poland not applying for an alliance case under Article 5?

Article 5 of the NATO Treaty provides that NATO states consider an armed attack against one or more partners as an attack against all. This is where the duty to assist comes from. However, so far there is no evidence that the missile was launched specifically at the Polish village.

Article 5 was activated only once – after 2001. September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. As a result, Germany and other NATO countries participated in the war against the Taliban and the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

How is Russia responding?

After the incident became known, several voices from Russia spoke of a “deliberate provocation”…

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